Nike Dunk High “Frankenstein” Customs by Diversitile

Nike Dunk High Frankenstein Customs

In the sneakerhead world, the closest thing to Dr. Frankenstein’s legendary monster would have to be Nike’s various ‘What the . . . ‘ colorways that combine elements from various notable colorways into one neckbreaking melange.  This year saw a marked rise in such styles as both Nike Basketball and serious customizers utilized this approach on the LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant signatures.  A bit closer to Mary Shelley on the basketball timeline is the Nike Dunk High (whose lowtop brother brought the world its first ‘What the’), and this new Frankenstein Dunk by Diversitile sticks to the legend by offering a piecemeal look complete with what looks like a (salvaged) human brain peeking through the heel.  These were lovingly crafted with tons of details you’ll need to zoom in to fully appreciate, so have a closer look below and let us know where this slightly frightening custom Dunk ranks against Diversitile’s other notable works.

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