NBA Feet: Russell Westbrook – Air Jordan XX8

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On Monday, during Jordan Brand’s unveiling of the Air Jordan XX8, it was revealed that the newly signed Russell Westbrook would debut the new Jordan signature during the Tuesday-night game against the Brooklyn Nets. This development was quite the rapid escalation for Russell, who just a couple of months ago wasn’t even under the Jumpman label; however, it’s clear that Jordan Brand not only has the support of Russell, but the confidence that he can maintain the supreme reputation that the Air Jordan has forged since 1985.

Lackluster sales of the preceding Air Jordan 2012 model was partly due to an absence of an enticing on-court presence, but with Jordan Brand’s newest star sporting the kicks, will the Air Jordan XX8 fare any better? The verdict’s still out and we’ll have to wait for more developments until the sneaker officially releases in mid-February, so in the mean-time, take a look at the debut of the Air Jordan XX8 on Russell Westbrook and stay tuned to Sneaker News for all your Air Jordan 28 updates.

Photos: yahoo

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