Frank Kozik x Puma Suede “Denim Pack”

Frank Kozim Puma Suede Denim Pack

Spanish-American artist Frank Kozik is back to work on another set of sneakers, working with the Puma Suede for the second time around. Kozik apparently wasn’t satisfied with the suede set up and decided to flip the classic material with a set of different faded denims. Of course there are still a couple elements from the classic equation intact, namely the overall silhouette and the all-important fat laces. The three sneaker set will be releasing exclusively in Argentina on January 25h, so if you’re one of our North American readers you’ll need to do quite a bit of traveling to lock yours down. Stay with us after the jump for the full look at the Frank Kozik x Puma Suede ‘Denim Pack’.

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