adidas Originals Phantom – Spring/Summer 2013 Colorways

Adidas Originals Phantom Spring Summer 2013

The adidas Originals Phantom will betray its moniker quite a bit this season, as the sneaker is set to don a ton of rather bright colorways that will render it all but unseen. The Phantom, a 1985 design from the adidas team, is sort of the antithesis of all the Jeremy Scott stuff that’s been going on as of late. Rather than remixing the old look with some flamboyant additions, the silo has been kept in tact in what adidas is calling a “one-to-one” reissue (We’ll let you be the final judge of that). See the full breadth of the adidas Originals Phantom stuff for Spring/Summer 2013 below and grab them now straight from adidas.

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