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What Do You Think?: Red Air Yeezy 2 Release on the Way?

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Perhaps one of the most painstaking releases in Nike history was the Nike Air Yeezy 2 in 2012. Some may postulate that Nike’s Twitter RSVP system was created just to counter the seemingly limitless crowds that would undoubtedly show at storefronts, and although independently owned shops did not employ their own “Twitter RSVP”, Nike did encourage each store to use a raffle-style release in order to minimize the camp-out craze. Two colorways of the Air Yeezy 2 came and went, and considering the original Air Yeezy released in three versions, many believed that a third Air Yeezy 2 colorway was in the works – especially with that curious “Kobe” colorway in purple/red/volt still swimming around the net and Gentry Humphrey himself coolly mentioned that “things are still in the works”. With that said, the excitement around the Air Yeezy 2 has never waned, but recent events have propelled this discussion topic back to the surface. Tonight’s topic on What Do You Think?: What could the release of the red Nike Air Yeezy 2 colorway mean for the sneaker game and how will it go down?

Over the last year, we’ve seen a few Air Yeezy 2 “samples” and unreleased versions pop up on the net. Kanye himself wore an unreleased Black/Mint colorway, and then there was the aforementioned “Kobe” colorway, an “Oreo”-style” colorway of Black/Grey with speckled midsoles, and most recently, an all-red version in a two styles (one snakeskin, another mesh). While those samples kept the dream alive, hopes for a third Air Yeezy 2 were dying down, until the events of this past weekend involving Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and the season finale of Saturday Night Live had some theorists putting some provoking pieces together. Kanye West’s next album Yeezus is currently due up for a release on June 18th (roughly one year after the Yeezy 2 released), so the belief that a third Air Yeezy 2 release occurring adjacent to or on the same day of the release of the album would seem to “make sense” (if a release goes down). Rumors regarding a red Air Yeezy 2 release started cooking up on Niketalk, where some individuals with deep and dark connections saying they “already know of the release plans”, followed by a disheartening “I’m not even trying”. Another source on the forums called it “mission impossible”. Well, dang.

So what could “mission impossible” and “I’m not even trying” signify? Nothing has been officially confirmed or dispelled, but there are certainly some promising signs signifying that the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red” has the potential to release to the masses in some form or fashion. Some interesting rumors and theories – an online auction-style release like the Nike Mag 2011 (proceeds going to charity?), a Twitter-based release like the ParaNorman Foamposites (tweet a picture of yourself shrugging?), a “golden ticket” contest in which the only chance of obtaining a pair is to purchase Kanye’s album (not that he needs any gimmicks to promote it), or a regional release like what Kanye did with his debut showing of the “New Slaves” video? Maybe Kim’s pregnancy is a hoax and she’s hiding the Red Yeezy 2s under her Givenchy gown? Or perhaps Nike will throw a real curveball and surprise us all with a straight-up retail release without any notice or a release date, but that seems unlikely after all the dirty dealings that went down at many retailers for the release of the first two Yeezy 2 colorways.

So maybe you can blame the sidewalk-blocking lineups outside of stores months in advance or the retailers who decided to flip their stock on eBay or sell under the table for way over retail, but in any case, getting a pair will no doubt be a tough task as Nike will most likely use some unorthodox procedures to get these out to the public should that day ever come. The potential release of the red Air Yeezy 2 is indeed a hot topic this week, so join in on the conversation below and chime in with your thoughts on the shoe and the possible release mayhem that will come with the territory if they drop. Will you be pulling out all the stops to get your pair and what would you be willing to pay to get them?

Photos: NBC/gearsolegoods

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