Extra Butter x Asics “Death List 5”: Volume 1

October 8, 2013 BY / 6

Sneaker News:  Putting out a five-shoe pack is obviously an ambitious undertaking. Did you guys have any reservations about taking on such a large project?

Bernie:  Ambitous, yes; but absolutely necessary to truly develop the concept.  The film in which it’s inspired by is multi-dimensional, why not a capsule collection? When approaching any project, we vet out all parameters and possibilities, so rarely do we have reservations because we go into it completely prepared for execution. When it comes down to it, doing one colorway wouldn’t have justified either of us claiming that this is one of our all-time favorite films.

Jason:  Reservations are only there for me within the first few minutes of it’s initial conception. From there, I see the vision in a way where it usually tells me that this is EXACTLY the type of project for us. I firmly believe in our team’s ability to come together and execute projects like this, and know we can learn things along the way and experience things that will be unforgettable.

SN:  Is it a given that any Extra Butter collab shoe we see will be movie-themed?

Bernie:  Although Extra Butter’s namesake and core element is film, our core followers quickly understand that we’re passionate for various things. Sooner than later, that’ll reflect in tangible goods that we produce.

Jason:  Most times for me at least, it’s films that seem permanently lodged in my head – almost as if they have to make their way out and onto something in some way shape or form. But, I don’t think it will be a given at all. We’re a mixed bunch that are close-knit and inspired by a lot of things. The conversations and experiences we have together often lead to ideas we end up wanting to touch on later. Nostalgia is always a driving force behind the projects we head towards, but it’s not limited to film by any means.

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