Extra Butter x Asics “Death List 5”: Volume 1

October 8, 2013 BY / 6

SN:  Obviously, you guys couldn’t make direct call-outs to your source of inspiration because of copyright issues. Was there any trouble getting around the legal stuff and did it dictate the way any of the designs were executed?

Bernie:  Not really. The designs in themselves are quite transparent of the characters we used, and the name “Death List Five” is even more direct. Those who are familiar with the film series are quick to decipher who’s who. For those who were confused and didn’t get the reference, they could have easily done their homework. We didn’t think we were being that cryptic.

Jason:  And if we were, I don’t mind it. A little research never hurt anybody. When I was younger I often didn’t have the luxury of going onto SneakerNews to find out the back stories for products. I’d have to dig in. God bless NikeTalk, and being able to converse with shop staffs or other passionate collectors.

SN:  Were there any design obstacles along the way or things you wanted to do on the shoes that weren’t possible?

Bernie:  Getting the correct spectrum and location of fade for Cottonmouth did present some issues, especially when the gradient had to keep consistent throughout the medial panels and midsole.  For Copperhead, we originally were pushing to have a velvet for the upper to best represent the plushness of the velour jacket, but ultimately decided on suede as a better option.

Jason:  The color took to the suede and brought it to life beyond my expectations. I remember the samples came in the day of our 5 Year Anniversary (just so people understand portion of how long exactly we’ve been working on this, and being misleading about what we did or didn’t have up our sleeves). Right after our long day of Black Friday sale madness, we had a few minutes before setting up our 5 year party, and I showed the staff the samples. It was so rewarding to see their reactions to the actual, physical pair, especially to Bernie and I having been consumed with this project for so long.

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