SELECT Exclusive: The Red Air Yeezy 2

November 14, 2013 BY / 41

Obviously October has slipped away and the details surrounding the impending future release of the Red Yeezy 2 are still as unknown as ever, but some new developments have surfaced to bring us one step closer. Apparently, this week will see the beginning of deliveries to the friends and family seeding list as the first pairs have already made their way to some of the fortunate recipients. One of the first to receive his pair, our friend S. Sami (pictured below with Kanye) was kind enough to provide us with an exclusive look to share with all of you.

We’d love to be able to fill you in on all the details on when you’ll get a chance at grabbing your own, but we’re still in the dark along with you as Nike continues to keep their plans well-guarded. For now, enjoy the Sneaker News Select exclusive first detailed look at the “Red October” Air Yeezy 2 and best believe that we’ll be keeping you up to the minute on the release information as soon as something official is confirmed.

Stay tuned next week for more with Sami as we take a look inside his incredible Kobe collection.

49 thoughts on “SELECT Exclusive: The Red Air Yeezy 2

  1. AntonioJenkins 1. Which other non-athlete did Nike design a shoe with? 2. In the 2012 top 5 most expensive shoes in the world and maybe ever did you know the Yeezy’s ranked #1? 
    I could go on with this “history in the making” bit but you l think you see where I’m going with this. History is made every other day and FYI? I agree with your comment about these being the “most hyped up sneaker in history”. They’re stupid ugly but to each his own.

  2. AntonioJenkins it’s all relative and based on perception no? This isn’t the shoe to get for me. It’s ugly but that’s my opinion I’m entitled to same as yours. There are also many other people that believe this sneaker is ugly.

  3. Douche bags like this guy will get 2 or 3 pairs of them and we will never get a chance to see them. Secondly, These and the other yeezy2 were not as rare as the MVP lebrons.. but you can still find a real pair of MVPs.. boutiques and store hoard these sneakers to bring in business. They are gonna make enough of these but no more than 50K will actually be sold.. everyone is gonna claim they are only getting 12 pair.. when the number are already out.. stated that nike stores will have 100 pairs along with other stores..

  4. How yall gone be mad at people for loving the Yeezys, but yall go crazy over these Jordans like they’re sent from Heaven. All Jordans are Hype, history or not.

  5. Yea almost all jordans NOW are hype but older heads like myself cop older shit, and you don’t see some damn jordan go for 3k like wtf. You can’t compare a crazy rapper to a sports legend

  6. AntonioJenkins   obviously you have no idea on the background of the shoe u probably know nothing about Kanye.  He was an art major and has been spending 80% of his time in the fashion industry designing, decorating, and making dope stuff.  Air Yeezys has been been a 10 year process for Kanye as he was a fan of the Trainers.  U see the trainer green soles…man that’s just a few things about the shoe…

  7. AntonioJenkins think of his amazing production that defines a major body of work and the time and dedication  to finish an album…take that amazing production to the Yeezus and u will see it.  From the scales, to the air trainers, to the color palettes..

  8. JFresh_136 lol no way…the scales, the air trainers, even the gun metal gold laces that screw on is a creative idea.  There are so much creative idea put on this shoe…obviously  u don’t know what dope stuff looks like…cause everything Kanye has ever released is dope stuff!

  9. anybody need or want to get nike bot, have 2 programs for nike, and for champs, footaction, and east bay, hit me up at 973 572 2324. Paypal

  10. acevelasquez29 – Gold tips on laces…fashion over function fail. You know they fall off because of the way they’re designed right?
    You want to see innovation and an understanding of product design? Google “MrBailey’s Low Poly Lace Tips” and research why he made them.
    The shoes crease in the toe box. Like really easily without even trying. Sorry dude but the shits are whack and only a hypebeast wouldn’t see past Kanye’s name but please don’t let me stop you from dropping serious coin on them and putting them in a glass case next to your bible.

  11. Kanye West said “You see there’s leaders and there’s followers but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower” so why are y’all swallowing? Please comment below….

  12. JFresh_136 I don’t think people realize what a stinger this comment is. LOL…that’s exactly why I don’t have a pair…Ace my dude ACES! 🙂

  13. This is one ugly ass shoe, that suede rubber looking strap looks like shit. I’m a cop a few when they come out though because I know one of you sucka ass mf’s are going to want them and these are going to be worth a few months of rent. Lol Kanye is about to make another man rich

  14. LexGP Then you’re going to have to get in line. You and about 3,000 other people including some unscrupulous boutiques have this same idea and there definitely isn’t going to be enough shoes for everyone.

  15. rknapp216 looks like you’re opening yourself up for someone to sell you a pair of 1:1 reps. Make sure you do your homework on YouTube and ask for lot’s of pics.

  16. rknapp216 The kind of people that can get you a pair of shoes with no release date and as hyped as these just happen to hang out on sneakernews. Yeah, I can totally see your logic. Most of you dudes on this site have no clue how good replicas have become.

  17. Nothing ugly about this shoe at all. It looks like a designer shoe with a Nike logo. Pretty nice. Maybe yall are hating because its Kanye.

  18. On the morning show with Sway, Kanye said they’re not dropping, due to some beef with him and Mark Parker. Apparently, there are a select few shops, that if they’re willing to buy 10 other guaranteed crappy models, they can get the Red Octobers. The list of shops hasn’t been released yet. Doesn’t really matter, cuz you prob won’t be able to get them. :/

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