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Last week, we were treated to a detailed look at the red Air Yeezy 2 thanks to S. Sami, but that’s only a small sampling of the sneaker treasures he’s holding onto. In addition to being incredibly well-connected, this dedicated Brooklyn-based sneaker enthusiast also lays claim to one of the most impressive Nike Kobe collections in the world. As a lifelong Kobe Bryant fan, Sami has spent years accumulating not only a sprawling collection of Kobe shoes and memorabilia, but also some precious memories and unforgettable experiences as well, like meeting the Black Mamba himself on several occasions for instance.

As a diehard Lakers fan, Sami has been to every game they’ve played in New York, New Jersey, and Brooklyn since 2001 and regularly travels to both home and away games as well as playoff appearances. He has been an honorary Lakers team captain three

times and will go back for his fourth go-around at this year’s Christmas game versus the Heat. Last but not least, he raised the stakes even further last year, winning a charity auction that grants him the chance to play Kobe in a game of Horse after the season – an event that’s sure to be the pinnacle moment of them all.

It will be no easy decision picking out what shoes to wear that day, because Sami’s collection covers the gamut from Kobe’s early Nike days in the Huarache 2K4 all the way up to present day with just about every special release and limited edition variation you can name found in between, including some juicy stuff that hasn’t even released yet like the “What the Kobe” 8! Continue on for an extensive look at Sami’s vast array of Nike Kobe kicks, not to mention an impressive assortment special edition boxes, t-shirts, apparel, and more.

15 thoughts on “SELECT Collection: S. Sami

  1. U are so wrong. They are way more Kobe supporters in NY then Lebron. People actually cheer when da Lakers play da Knicks in da garden & Boo when da Heat do… Fuckin hater

  2. npt It was during his sexual assault investigation. 
    During the investigation, Kobe told police that “he should have done what Shaq does”…that Shaq would pay his women not to say anything and that Shaq already had paid up to 1 million “for situations like this”.This created controversy because Kobe and Shaq were teammates at the time and many, EVERYONE thought that Kobe broke the lockroom code for putting out that info, especially to the police.

  3. Da_Real_Big_Infinite 
    Did you walk up and down the streets of NYC in order to find out if someone other than yourself wanted to get a tat of Kobe on your ass, in order to find out if I were wrong about his supposed popularity?
    Show your results!  But perhaps the guy in the pic would consider joining you!
    There is strength in numbers!

  4. Dude, I’m frum NYC. I live in NYC… There an abundance of Kobe supports. When da Lakers come to town, Kobe jerseys & kicks flood da city… So how bout u actually stop hatin & come to New York to see fa yaself. Kobe actually played in a street ball game at rucker Park. So he’s got nothin but respect & street creed when he comes out here… And we all kno ur a Kobe Fan yo. No1 talks about Kobe like u do & claims to dislike him… So stop frontin & put ur Kobe 8s on & join da party. 5 rings & top 3 2-guard to ever play behind MJ & Elgin Baylor

  5. Da_Real_Big_Infinite 
    Nobody, and I mean nobody, and that extends from Washington Heights, down to Greenwich Village, from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, all the way through Williamsburg, to Brownsville, Bed Stuy, Fort Greene, Gowanas, Flatbush, all of that, or even Queens, is as ignorant and ridiculous as you, so stop claiming what you are obviously NOT.
    You are an embarrassment. Stop trying to type as if you are somehow hip, and are nothing but a punk assed lame, frontin’ and perpin’ the fraud.
    Kobe gets NO love here, nobody who sues his own mom deserves any love in the city that never sleeps.

  6. If u wanna see my drivers license, u can u dumb fuck… Like I said, mayb u should come out to da knicks game when da lakers are in town. Mayb u will actually learn somethin… And mayb u can finally takes kobes dick outta ur pussy & not act so stuck up… Alwayz talkin shit about a person u don’t even know shit about

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