adidas EQT Running Guidance ’93 Returning Fall 2014

Adidas Eqt Running Guidance 93 Fall 2014

The timing of the recent string of adidas EQT retros is particularly interesting considering how big of a push the brand has been making for buzz-building team ups with its various celebrity endorsements. We say this because sneakers like the adidas EQT Running Support ’93 and the adidas EQT Running Cushion ’91 were meant as sort of the antithesis – the original campaign surrounding the line touted them as pairs crafted purely for performance. The balancing act will continue this fall when the adidas EQT Running Guidance ’93, previewed here, comes back around. Get your first glance at them after the break and let us know down in the comments if this model is one you’re excited to see a retro for.

Source: onemesh

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