New Balance Has One Huge Advantage Over The Sneaker Brands

New Balance 574 Custom Foot Locker Sneaker News 1 620x455

Sneakers are big business, and New Balance has its sights set pretty high in terms of balancing the scales a bit. Aside from being an American-based company and producing over 4 million pairs of shoes in their five domestic factories, New Balance believes that no other sneaker brand can match what they offer in the increasingly popular “custom” category, and that’s the simply the turnaround in which these consumer-designer pairs are produced. It’ll take several weeks for customized pairs from Nike and adidas to be manufactured and delivered from overseas, but New Balance can get it done in just one day. What’s more is that they brand is expanding their custom catalog with the 998 silhouette, arguably one of the most popular models around. Check out the video by CNBC below for some more info on New Balance’s outlook in 2015.

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