Should Kanye West Design An adidas D Rose Sneaker?

Adidas D Rose 773 3

Should Kanye West, the man responsible for keeping adidas relevant and rather attractive, design Derrick Rose’s next signature shoe? While we haven’t seen any hints of ‘Ye moving over to the performance side just yet, there’s every reason why the Chicago native should design the Bulls’ star guard’s next shoe. Here’s why: First off, both Kanye and Derrick Rose are from Chicago, and the mutual respect is undoubtedly there. Secondly, it was revealed that Kanye West would indeed have a hand in design over a lot more than his own designs. Thirdly, the D Rose signature shoe needs a whole lot of help. The NBA sig shoe market is getting even more crowded now that Steph has UA on the map and the young guns of Nike and even adidas are gaining steam, so the former MVP must have a proper shoe in order to keep the name of Rose competitive in the sneaker-crazed market. The 773 IV, a take-down non-Boost version of the Rose signature shoe, just hit stores, and it’s only a stern reminder that adidas’ most expensive asset needs to make improvements. Your thoughts on the possibility of ‘Ye designing the next D Rose?

Source: kenlu

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