Let’s Revisit The “Will Nike Retro LeBrons” Discussion Again

Lebron 2 White Red Retrp

These occasions are few and far in between, but any time LeBron James turns back the sneaker clock and whips out some of his older models, we’re left to wonder when/if Nike will re-open King James’ vault and unleash the first phase of the Nike LeBron Retro. It happened with Jordan’s shoes, but during a key juncture MJ’s basketball career. The same happened for the Nike Kobe when the outstanding Prelude Pack was unleashed in late 2013. But is the timing right for a LeBron re-issue? The Cavs star is only 30 years old some say he has another decade of basketball left in him. The question is, if Nike waits until retirement, will fans still be after Nike LeBrons when guys like KD, Curry, Kyrie, and other future signature athletes establish their own fanbase? LeBrons aren’t nearly as sought after as they were, so it’s time for the crown logo to get an injection of…anything.

Source: nba

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