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Steph Curry Projected To Sell More Shoes Than LeBron, More Than KD, Kyrie, And Kobe Combined

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Steph Curry is the king of basketball right now and his Golden State Warriors continue to dismantle their biggest competitors game after game. It’s sickening to think that he’s actually improved upon his MVP campaign a year ago, and there’s no question that a unanimous MVP voting is in the near future. But the basketball court isn’t the only realm being dominated by Steph – he’s actually crushing Nike’s big four signature gang to a pulp. Morgan Stanley projects $160 million in footwear sales in the U.S. for Steph, which is $10 million more than what’s being project for LeBron James, and more than what’s being expected from Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Kobe Bryant combined. The only man Curry is trailing in the shoe-selling business is Michael Jordan.

But get this – it’s not just the dollar amounts that matter here, but the volume. Curry’s signature shoes retail for $130, whereas LeBron’s retail at $200. That means that there are potentially up to double the amount of Currys on feet than there are LeBrons. The primary demographic of basketball shoe buyers are the youth/teen/young adult category and $200 is a tough pill to swallow, especially compared to the $130 Curry Two. Check out the full breakdown of projected signature shoe sales in the U.S. for 2016 below and let us know what you’d like to see from Nike Basketball in the near future as a means to take on the growing Steph Curry brand.

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