Converse Tests Local Talent With Their Traveling Creative All Star Series

Converse Creative All Star Series Photos 4

More a display of art than a series of wearables, Converse’s latest traveling project — titled as the “Creative All Star Series” — tests local talent from across two locations so far: London for Fashion Week and Chicago during the weekend’s All-Star festivities. Done in partnership with names such as Nando’s, Tik Tok, and DAZED LABS, the workshop wrought many a conceptual design, some created by notable designers like Feng Chen Wang, Eastwood Danso, and Stéphane Ashpool. And while each utilizes distinct motifs and a design language far unique, they all connect in their raw ethos, as edges cut with abandon, laces wrap all about while looping even through, and tulle fabrics entirely shroud the classic silhouettes at hand. Of note, the Chinese-born, London-based designer employed the same styling seen at her runway shows with various colorways of the Chuck 70 and Pro Leather coming together to form one patchworked, Frankenstein level kit. Moreover, OCTAVIAN crafted an almost bouquet-like arrangement with paper thin materials, the guys at Nando’s created an ostensible ode to barber shops, and the Pigalle head made use of colored markers and hand-stitch details. Grab a look at some of what was produced below and sit tight for word on when and where the next event will be held.

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