This Nike Dunk Low Helps Fulfill Every Kids’ Dream Of Being A Superhero

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In our youth, it’s natural for us to aspire for greatness, as we look up to the many superheroes that have triumphed across both page and silver screen. And as we sit, awe-inspired at the heroics of Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and the like, we can’t help but lament the fact that we don’t and will never have powers of our own. What we wear, though, can often provide us with a different albeit similar feeling of strength — and for the kids, this newly-revealed Dunk Low offers that ten-fold.

For this kids exclusive Dunk Low, Nike is dressing up the silhouette in what is effectively a super suit. Many of the tropes common across comic books are found here, from the patriotic color palette throughout to the gilded emblem welded to the heel. The additional pop of gold along the forefoot’s trim provides even further protection, while the two-toned laces help emphasize the USA-inspired theme. What’s more, the heel is emblazoned with a Nike logo made to resemble the onomatopoeia bubbles signature to the aforementioned medium.

Enjoy an official look at the Nike Dunk Low “Superhero” right here. A release date has not yet been revealed, but we’ll likely learn more very soon.

In other news, official images of the eBay Nike Dunk Low are here.


Nike Dunk Low

SKU: FD0673-400
RELEASE DATE: Jun 13, 2023

US 06/13/2023 Tuesday

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