Where To Buy Nike “Panda Dunks” In 2024

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Nike’s “Panda Dunks” have been in consistent circulation since March 2021. Over the last few years, the brand has restocked the versatile “Black/White” Dunk Low via nike.com in sizing for Men, Women, and Kids.

This page will continue to be updated with the latest restock information, found in the “Where to Buy” section ahead. Although the term “Panda Dunks” commonly refers to the low-top style, a similar high-top also restocks occasionally. Below, you will find a complete guide to Nike’s popular Dunk – including a history lesson and style tips.

Where to Buy Panda Dunks (Available Now At Nike)

The most reliable place to buy “Panda Dunks” is Nike’s website. The brand has the largest stock numbers and frequently offers the style in sizing for Men, Women, Big Kids, and Little Kids. They are available for purchase HERE.

Select stores across the globe also offer the popular shoe, although Nike and big box retailers in the U.S. have been most consistent with their “Panda Dunk” restocks.

Pricing for the shoes are (as of January 2nd, 2024):

Men’s: $115

Women’s: $115

Big Kid’s: $90

Little Kid’s: $70

Toddler’s: $55

Please note that Nike can increase pricing for any of its products without notice, as has happened with popular designs like the Air Force 1 Low.


Nike Dunk Low "Panda"

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A History Lesson

The Nike Dunk’s story begins in the mid-1980s. At its core, the Swoosh was a running company, but it had infiltrated a wider array of sports as it entered the ‘80s. In earlier years, the brand had found success with the Nike Blazer, a mid-top, leather silhouette named after Portland’s home team, but the Dunk looked to capitalize on the Oregon-based company’s newly-formed relationships with some of the nation’s most important college basketball programs. Spearheaded by Rob Strasser and John Paul Vincent “Sonny” Vaccaro, Nike’s foray into college hoops was pivotal, as it coincided with an increase in games’ coverage on network television. To this end, the “College Color High” (as the Nike Dunk High was initially named) debuted in 12 different styles inspired by schools like the University of Kentucky, Syracuse University, and Iowa State, among others. The collection was marketed using the “Be True to Your School” tagline in print advertisements, tugging at fans’ team spirit. Additionally, the new sneaker delivered more personality than shoes allowed within the NBA, which allowed Dunks to enjoy an off-court life amongst music-driven subcultures, artists, and street fashion enthusiasts.

“Be True To Your School” ad. Nike

Throughout the ’80s and 1990s, basketball footwear done in “Black/White” was common as it abided by professional regulations. Furthermore, the two-tone color scheme was a lot more versatile, allowing those in the League and elsewhere to pair their sneakers with whichever uniform they wore. Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1 even appeared in the straightforward look by 1986. And yet, the more commonly-available and affordable Nike Dunk hadn’t yet been offered in simple “Black/White.”

On January 25th, 2023, Bobby Kim, cofounder of The Hundreds, took to Instagram to provide a long-overlooked piece of history. In either 2004 or 2005, his brand launched a tee featuring Mousey, a Mickey Mouse parody character dressed as an “LA hypebeast” (Kim’s words). In addition to a painter’s cap and boxy graphic tee, Mousey’s wardrobe consisted of a “Black/White” Nike Dunk Low, a style The Hundreds’ cofounder and other savvy collectors had long-been wanting.

“Mousey” tee (2004/2005). @bobbyhundreds

Fast-forward to January 15th, 2019, Jeff Staple and the Swoosh launched the Nike SB Dunk Low “Panda Pigeon.” A follow-up to 2005’s “Pigeon Dunk” release – which served as a turning point for sneaker collecting as it made news headlines – Staples’ project paid homage to his Chinese heritage. His home base’s pigeon was still proudly presented on the sneaker’s lateral heel, but the model’s “Black/White”-colored panels brought China’s national animal to sneaker form. The “Panda Pigeon” Dunks quickly sold out, contributing to the reenergizing of Peter Moore’s iconic low-top design, a movement also assisted by Virgil Abloh and Travis Scott.

Two years after Staples’ commemorative collaboration, Nike released its own two-tone take on the Dunk Low, a pair netizens and blogs alike quickly began to refer to as “Panda Dunks.” Since March 2021, the sneaker has gone on to become one of the brand’s – and sneaker space’s – most popular. Although a low-top version kicked-off the craze, a Nike Dunk High “Black/White” has also benefited from the colorway’s popularity. Consistent restocks have helped the shoe remain ubiquitous, as has sizing for Kids.

Staple x Nike SB Dunk Low “Panda Pigeon” (2019). Premier

It’s important to note that there were pairs prior to Staples’ 2019 collaboration referred to as “Panda” Dunks, but they featured a different color-blocking than what’s become expected of a “Panda” style. In 2008, at least two different versions of Moore’s basketball design release with callouts to the Giant Panda. There was a Grade School-exclusive collection – which also included the Air Max 90 – that replaced traditional Nike branding on the tongue with a graphic of Ling-Ling, a male Chinese-born giant panda that resided at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo. A Dunk High was also prepped as part of a Japan-exclusive pack that featured “Ueno” text on the tongue label. This ultra-rare style was partly covered in “White” faux fur as a direct nod to China’s beloved symbol.

How to Style Panda Dunks

One of the reasons the “Panda Dunks” have become popular since debuting in 2021 is that their simple color scheme is versatile.

Since its inception, the Nike Dunk has championed color, but the model’s “Black/White” makeup allows for easy-wear, complementing all types of styles. There isn’t one single way to wear the shoe, but the sneaker is commonly coupled with all-black outfits. Women and girls have particularly taken a liking to the “Panda Dunks,” styling the sneaker with skirts, ruffle socks, and other traditionally-feminine products. Some wearers prefer to keep their shoes pristine, whereas others like how the pair looks worn. In any case, the Dunk’s color scheme makes it easy to style regardless of the occasion.

Nike Panda Dunks style inspo. Nike

Can Guys Wear Panda Dunks?

The short answer is “yes!” Nike’s shoe is commonly worn by women, but “Panda Dunks” are also for men. Historically, the Nike Dunk debuted in Men’s sizing, and was exclusively offered this way for quite some time. Many guys have added the “Black/White” pair to their collections for the same reason as women: versatility.

Monochromatic outfits are a popular way of styling the “Panda Dunks” by men. Cargo pants and other workwear-inspired items are also commonly paired with the sneaker, bringing a touch of traditional masculinity to the two-tone design. Some men prefer to wear the Dunk High “Black/White” to differentiate their pairs from those commonly-associated with women, with others going as far as opting for the Air Jordan 1 ’85 done in the same color scheme.

Guy wearing Panda Dunks. Nike

Are Panda Dunks Still Trendy?

Between March 2021 and Summer 2022, Nike’s simple offering was amongst the most coveted sneakers. Pairs quickly sold out upon release, leading many to buy their pairs from the after-market and resale shops. “Panda Dunks” were written about in some of the world’s most important fashion outlets, confirming the sneaker’s popularity – in particular amongst millennials.

Some people have been turned off by the sneaker’s popularity. Social media is often riddled with memes about and judgment towards “Panda Dunks.” The shoes have become much more easily available than they were throughout 2021 and part of 2022, which has hurt their “cool factor,” to a degree. A simple stroll throughout any major city in the world or scroll across social media, however, will demonstrate just how common the Nike Dunk is.

As always, you should buy and wear whatever you like.

Pandas on the train (December 2022). @subwaycreatures

Alternatives to Panda Dunks

Nike’s Dunk Low from March 2021 didn’t invent “Black/White” sneakers, but it unquestionably popularized them.

Since then, both Nike, Inc. and its competitors have revisited the color scheme, delivering alternatives to the widely-popular pair. The Swoosh alone has offered “Black/White” makeups of the Dunk High and Dunk Mid, which have failed to capture the same fanfare as the low-top version. “Neo-vintage” editions of the two-tone arrangement have also launched, capitalizing on another trend that’s dominated sneakers since 2020.

Pairs of the Air Jordan 1 have also surfaced in the straightforward color scheme, although with different color-blocking.

Many uninformed spectators criticized the Terror Squad x Nike Air Force 1 Low by Fat Joe for its “Black/White” look. To this crowd, the Bronx-native was simply biting off the popular “Panda” style, failing to realize that Fat Joe’s collaboration was based on an ultra-exclusive pair he designed in the 2000s.

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