Nike Unveils A.I. Driven Air Prototypes In Paris For Wemby, Sha’Carri Richardson, A’ja Wilson, & More

Nike Air Prototypes 2024 4

In Paris, Nike just unveiled a look at a number of Air footwear prototypes as part of their global Nike: On Air presentation. On stage were a number of the brand’s top Olympic athletes including Sha’Carri Richardson and A’ja Wilson showcasing the latest in Air innovation in footwear and apparel form. Each carries AIR branding, intended here as an acronym for Athlete Imagined Revolution. The set of prototypes shown combined athlete & designer insight as well as A.I.

On display was a prototype for Victor Wembanyama, which feature heavy sci-fi influence that plays into his “Alien” moniker. The visible Air unit features pixelations inspired by the stone on the necklace he wore on Draft Night in June of 2023. Again, these are imaginations of a possible future shoe and are a good indication of what a Nike Victor Wembanyama signature shoe could look like. Importantly, the extra-terrestrial models on display actually reflect Wemby’s 20.5 size shoe.

Wemby’s creations were just one of a dozen shoes featured, with a few presumably manufactured with Richardson and Wilson in mind. While they’re just beta, conceptual versions, they certainly give insight into where Nike wants to head with their full range of performance footwear. All of them were created in Beaverton, Oregon at the Nike HQ and utilize those aforementioned wide-ranging influences, bridging A.I., athlete feedback, and Nike Sports Research Lab data.

The futuristic designs put on display here will certainly draw headlines- but it’s not nearly the end of the Nike news out Paris. Read more about the Nike Blueprint Pack, GT Hustle 3, Pegasus Premium and the full Nike Air Immersion Space.

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