EXCLUSIVE: Up Close With The Jordan Luka 3

Jordan Luka 3 Exclusive Look

Updated April 18th, 2024: Sneaker News brings you an exclusive, detailed look at the upcoming Jordan Luka 3 in the “Midnight Racer” and “Photo Finish” colorway. Additional release details can be found on the our Jordan Release Dates 2024 page.

Leading a 50-win Playoff team, averaging 33/9/9 (rounded down), and having the fifth best-selling NBA jersey in the world, Luka Doncic is true global superstar icon and the only European born-and-bred signature athlete on the Jordan roster. Today, the Jumpman officially debuts the third signature shoe of the Slovenia unicorn — the Jordan Luka 3.

Inspired by his orchestrated speed, the Luka 3 draws from his love of cars and mirrors how his shoe is a vehicle for his feet. Powered by IsoPlate and Cushlon 3.0, the Luka 3 is a result of a highly collaborative process that saw the Dallas Mavericks star shape the ethos of his newest shoe.

Of the many tools in Luka’s arsenal, his extraordinary ability of controlled acceleration and deceleration is mirrored in the shoe’s design elements of the upper. The cage-like exterior is actually the IsoPlate that wraps upwards for containment and is built specifically for his signature step-back move, while full-length Cushlon 3.0 foam provides the lightweight response needed for the various movements and hesitations that occur throughout a game. Overall the Luka 3 is even lighter than the Luka 2 and is also made with at least 20% recycled material by weight.

The debut colorway of the Luka 3 is the “Midnight Racer”, inspired by his cherished moments of solitude from those late-night drives home after a game. The shoes release on July 6th, 2024 and will be available exclusively in Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions.

The second colorway is the “Photo Finish”, a nod to the finish line of high-octane racing circuits. These will be available on July 11th via Exclusive Access, followed by a full release on July 16th.

Additional colorways include the “Blurred Vision” (July 30th), “Fundamental” (August 13th), and Motorsport (September 3rd). All Luka 3s will have an MSRP of $130 for adults ($100/$80/$60 for GS/PS/TD).

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