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Complex’s Complete Sneaker History of Entourage

September 11, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

Obviously you remember the episode in which Turtle grabs that lasered pair of Nike Air Force 1s from Fukijama, but do you remember the more covert sneaker moments from HBO’s Ento...Read More

Complex’s 25 Most Under-Appreciated Sneaker Silhouettes of All Time

September 10, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

It’s a given once you spend any significant amount of time collecting sneakers that you’ll come across a model you seem to uniquely resonate with that everyone else is slee...Read More

A Complete History of Nike LeBron Sneakers Worn by King James

September 5, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

Can you name every sneaker from the Nike LeBron line that King James himself has actually worn? Probably not, that is unless you study this latest list from Complex. The group of photo...Read More

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Complex’s The 10 Craziest Sneaker “What-ifs”

September 4, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

Can you imagine the Butterfly Effect that would have resulted from a few slightly different decisions in sneaker history? Complex certainly can, as they’ve just dished out their ...Read More

Air Jordans Renderings for Every NBA Team Michael Jordan Didn’t Play For

August 30, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

The Air Jordan line is one that dips into other teams’ colors every once and a while be it via player exclusive pairs or less direct tributes like this year’s series of Air...Read More

Complex Discusses the Reality of Sneaker Collecting with 20 Sneakerheads

August 29, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

Complex’s collectors week continues as they sit down with 20 sneakerheads from all walks of life to discuss “the game”. Each of the collectors was given the same form...Read More

Complex’s 25 Awesome Sneaker Collection Photos From Instagram

August 28, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

Instagram is a great place to boast about your sneakers. Just remember-there’s always gonna be someone out there with more than you. You’ll find that out as soon as you stu...Read More

Complex’s 20 Most Collectible Air Jordans of All Time

August 27, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

If you hadn’t noticed, the team over a Complex Sneakers is in the middle of their “Collectors Week”, which means daily pieces oriented toward those of us with a knack...Read More

Complex’s 10 Sneakers Every Serious Collector Should Own

August 26, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

Do you consider yourself a serious sneaker collector? Do you take pride in hunting through dusty attics, closets, and the like for ancient footwear? If you’re that sort of person...Read More

Complex’s 20 Things You Didn’t Know About the adidas Mutombo

August 22, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

Complex is back to drop some more knowledge on us, this time digging up some facts about the adidas Mutombo that you may or may not be aware of. Well, they’re pretty sure you did...Read More

Complex’s Details The Greatest Sneaker Debuts

August 21, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

There’s nothing quite like seeing a pair of sneakers for the first time on the feet of some bigger-than-life figure. Complex has chronicled some of those moments in their latest ...Read More

Complex’s 15 Design Elements the Air Jordan Line Changed Forever

August 16, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

To say that the Air Jordan line changed the way sneakers are designed would be an understatement. Year in and year out the successive shoes have helped push the envelop as far as baske...Read More

Complex’s 50 Awesome Vintage Sneaker Photos on Instagram

August 15, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

No matter what lurks in your sneaker collection, there’s always someone out there on Instagram who has got something you don’t. Or better yet, something you’ve never ...Read More

Complex’s 10 Classic Reebok Basketball Shoes That Should Always Be In Production

August 14, 2013 BY / 2.33 / 5

The last couple of years have been pretty big for Reebok’s various retro basketball silhouettes, as the company has been liberal with bringing back styles outside of their mainst...Read More

Complex’s 10 Air Jordans They Wish Michael Jordan Could Have Played In

August 13, 2013 BY / 0 / 5

We’re very nearly to the point where the number of Jordan silhouettes that Michael himself has actually played in is equal to the number that he hasn’t. But can you imagine...Read More


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