Jason Petrie Discusses the Nike LeBron 8 V2

January 13th, 2011 by | 12 comments

jason petrie talks nike lebron 8 V2 7 Jason Petrie Discusses the Nike LeBron 8 V2

SN: Okay, so I’ve gotta ask because I know our readers want to know – every year, everyone anxiously waits for the annual Dunkman edition of the LeBron. Can you tell us which version of the 8 is getting the Dunkman treatment this year?  And if that’s top secret, can you at least confirm that there is a Dunkman version of the LeBron 8 on the way?

JP: You know I love Dunkmans so… It won’t be Version 1 or Version 2. I can tell you that. Although that V1 sample that’s out there is pretty sick looking. There’s the Dark Grey/Black version of the V2 with a little bit of Electric Green on it, so that’s a little hint. You remember last year’s Dunkman was black and green. Well, this V2 colorway sort of hints at the Dunkman to come. That’s why you see that little bit of green on what would normally just be a black/grey shoe. It’s showing that the time is coming so… That’s about all I can give you. (Laughs)

jason petrie talks nike lebron 8 V2 5 Jason Petrie Discusses the Nike LeBron 8 V2

SN: You referenced that Dunkman-looking sample version of the V1 that we saw from Clark Kent. Who has a better collection of LeBron samples between you and Clark?

JP: (Laughs) Well, I mean it’s gotta be me because I’ve got everything and he’s just got some tidbits, but the thing is, he gets them in his size! I don’t always get that. (Laughs) He’s got some nice ones though. That Dunkman is definitely an ill one. I’m hoping to get that one before it’s all said and done. He’s got that one up on me, but I’ve got a couple up on him too so…

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