Sneaker News

Sneaker News is a sneaker media outlet that provides daily coverage of the most coveted sneaker releases and the newest sneakers on the market. In addition to providing regular updates on the very latest, Sneaker News provides useful resources to assist consumers worldwide in making purchases. Sneaker News is considered to be the most trusted and authoritative voice in the world of sneakers.

In addition to attracting over 20 million monthly readers, Sneaker News boasts the largest sneaker community on social media, with over 12 million members across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and email. The Sneaker News network also includes Kicksfinder, a digital database platform containing full data of the most popular sneakers of past and present, and Jordansdaily, an Instagram page dedicated to Air Jordans with over 3 million followers. Sneaker News was founded in 2006 by Yu-Ming Wu and currently operates out of New York, NY. The current editor-in-chief is John Kim, who has been with the company since 2009.