Shopping Guide

Our goal is not only keep you up to date with what’s new in footwear, but to ensure you’re lacing up the very best that’s out there. The Sneaker News Shopping Guide is a series of curated footwear selections broken down into specific lifestyle categories, sports, and even seasons, all in an effort to keep your feet looking fresh.

Shopping Guide

Foot Locker Brings The Holiday Heat For The Entire Family

Everyone has that one gift that they’re banking on being underneath the tree during the holiday season. In the meantime,...

By Sneaker News November 27, 2023

Bring On The Black Friday Deals With adidas Originals

Although 2023 is very quickly winding down to a close, it’s still a bit too soon to relax. With the...

By Sneaker News November 24, 2023

Be The Holiday Hero With Our New Balance Shopping Guide

New Balance Blink twice and it’ll already be the end of December. That’s why it’s important to get ahead of the holiday...

By Sneaker News November 20, 2023

Nine Must-Have Styles That Everyone Wants To Unwrap During December Holidays

Nike Holiday 2023 What’s more exciting than spotting a gift-wrapped sneaker box placed underneath the Christmas tree? The rectangular shape is discernible for...

By Sneaker News November 13, 2023

Gear Up For Hoops Season With adidas Icons Of Past And Present

Following years of concepts and prototypes, adidas entered the basketball scene in 1965 spearheaded by two leather-based silhouettes complemented by...

By Sneaker News October 26, 2023

Kick Off Fall With adidas Originals And Their Reinvented Icons

Although born from a love of sport, adidas Originals has since evolved into something much bigger. Having made their mark...

By Sneaker News September 28, 2023

Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Back To School Essentials From adidas

Summer is coming to a close and schools around the nation are beginning to welcome students back for nine months...

By Sneaker News August 29, 2023

New Balance’s Everyday Classics Are Perfect For Back To School

New Balance There’s no better way to flex your “in the know” on the first day of classes than to rock a...

By Sneaker News August 18, 2023

Gear Up With adidas Footwear For Summer’s Most Exciting Sports

When it comes to sports, there are no days off — especially during the hot summer months. Whether you’re competing...

By Sneaker News July 26, 2023