Reebok Sermon – Available

December 17th, 2011 by | 9 comments

reebok sermon available fnl Reebok Sermon   Available

In search of more honeycombed Hexalite goodness from the Reebok revival? Well if Swizz Beatz’ Kamikaze joints had you waiting for more Meek Mill and his Blasts still weren’t enough for you, there’s still more to come in the form of the Reebok Sermon. This release comes off looking like a cousin of the aforementioned Kamikaze, albeit it with beefed up ankle support, a more layered set up for the paneling on top, and an extra hit of of the Honeycomb on back. Check out the three out of the gate colorways after the jump which are all up for grabs now at Finishline, and trust us when we say that a sermon has never been this unique, tabernacle.

reebok sermon grey yellow available 1 Reebok Sermon   Available

reebok sermon grey yellow available 2 Reebok Sermon   Available

reebok sermon white grey blue available 1 Reebok Sermon   Available

reebok sermon white grey blue available 2 Reebok Sermon   Available

reebok sermon black available 1 Reebok Sermon   Available

reebok sermon black available 2 Reebok Sermon   Available

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tu padre
tu padre

so the end of the little momentum reebok gained begins?


Me and my stock guy opened these the other day at Finish Line. Shiiit..we liked em. Haha I like them a lot better than the Kamikaze..they need better colors though.


They took these from the old reebok SHAQs- no the first ones but like the 2nd or third SHAQs. Plus they used that wack new Kamakazi sole. Reebok could start compete'n with Nike n Adidas is they retro the Kemps kamakazis, all the A.I.s, Emmit Smiths, Big Hurts, ect.


eww . how could they take such a fresh shoe like the kamikaze and make such a disaster out it ... smh


No. Just give us he twilight zones


i hate when a company has a good idea so they decide to over use the shit out of it


Agreed... Shii... this style of shoe is just what Reebok needed, an upgrade from the Kamikazes, which I thought some of its colors were dope, but it kept pulling me in n out from it. But this, is the mastered K Kicks right thur. I agree wit that guy who see that they need to invest on some colors, but that blue/gray jont swags. Ay, I dunno much about or do much Reebok, but this right here, is da biz, keep comin out wit den dope colors, and people'll come coppin them. Nice design, but cue do w/o the honeycomb back.


It's actually based off the Preacher Ice, the shoe Shaq wore during the Atlanta Olympics in '96 with the Dream Team III. I'm not too happy about this, either...

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