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Nike Air VNTG QS Pack

June 11, 2013 BY / 15

4.50 / 5 (1 VOTES)

We knew the Nike Air Revolution was returning in 2013 and now here’s the release info for the first drop.  The Air Revolution reaches back to its 1988 OG ‘Tech Grey’ makeup, and while the VNTG treatment with subtly pre-yellowed midsoles is as unexpected as the colorway, it’s the two packmates that make this most intriguing.  They don’t necessarily have the most direct ties to the Revolution, but the ‘Auburn’ Air Trainer SC High and ‘Citron’ SC II are themselves known as Bo Jackson signatures (and both available fairly recently).  One classic basketballer and two cross-training pillars come together with light antique touches this Friday, June 14th, so stick with Sneaker News to see if the trio hits shops in addition to Overkill.

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Oh good...they didnt actually come out today


The question was why do they keep releasing them and its due to their place in mik history. As for age and who's smarter than who we are talking about sneakers my keyboard commando friend. At the point they go bo Jordan was their highest seller. Know ur history was a general statement. Everyone carry on.

baby gerald
baby gerald

Yeah, it's definitely weird to see these coming back again, and with some VNTG designation. The SCs *just* got retro'd again a couple months ago and the SC2s look just like QS from last year.  That's fine by me though, because hopefully it'll push the price on those SC2s down a bit and I can snatch up a pair.


LOL ill stick with my QS SC's that are fresh as fuck

what in the world is this vntg stuff

"yeah I want everyone to think I've had these sneakers since my mommy bought them for me back in the day" gtfoh with selling shoes that already looked ruined.


Trainer SCs again? The shoe isn't that great to be honest. Why do these keep coming back? Try something else, Nike.


@sprungy wrong, they keep releasing because Nike is about profits and economic viability. If they keep releasing shoes that people recognize they can increase their profit margin to a place where they want it to be. Same reason for the ridiculous amount of Jordan retros every year. That is the only reason for the shoe to release in the same color for three or four years straight. It's the most recognizable from the line and from peoples childhoods. The only history Nike cares about is the one where their products worked and sold, so those are the products they sell again and again. It has nothing to do with Bo Jackson or Michael Jordan at all anymore. The original success of the products in the first place does, because Nike goes back and they decide what they can re-use again to get to their magic number they're trying to reach. In this case it's 15 billion dollars a year by the year 2015 by the way.


@MC_Count_Chill ...First off the Bo JAckson line period is iconic. Know your history Bo rose sales of cross trainers 1000% with the intro of his sneakers prior to that Nike was only making bread on Jordans...#uneno...


Ok ur older and smarter than me. I don't do back and forth on the Internet much less about Nike or their sneakers. Carry on


@sprungy I'm probably older than you, so don't pretend you can "school" me on who Bo Jackson was, buddy. You're wrong. The marketing people who came up with the "Bo knows" campaign would have more to do with that than Bo himself. Do you know anything about how endorsements work? This is the third or fourth time they've released the exact same shoe in the last handful of years. I know this because I had the first retro they did of this exact shoe in the most recent sequence of retros. The shoes suck anyway compared to the updated version they made in 2010. Nike doesn't even make a product now that can compare to the SC 2010. If Nike wasn't making money with their other products then how did they have enough cash to sign Jordan in the first place? Answer me that since you're so smart. Was your "Know your history." line supposed to make me feel stupid? 'cause I feel like I'm a lot smarter than you right now. Next time you wanna make someone look like they're stupid, make sure they aren't actually smarter than you are. I probably know more about Nike than you know about anything.


@MC_Count_Chill @sprungy Yo my 2010s are trashed now but those were great sneaks and a vast improvement on the scs. I actually think most of nikes updates on old trainers are good and I welcome more. Just scooped the b'more huarache free and they feel and are designed better than the originals, the lockdown is even better

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