Burn Rubber x New Balance 577: Detroit’s Fighting Spirit

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Since we launched SN Select, we’ve talked to a wide variety of folks in the industry about the merits of a good concept and how important it can be in raising a shoe’s overall desirability. Nearly everyone has agreed that design is paramount and good product is good product regardless of the backstory, but it also can’t be denied that a compelling inspiration can create an invaluable aura of intrigue around a release. Granted, they’re not all winners and we’ve gotten to a point where it seems like many collab concepts come off forced and contrived, but for every handful of those, there are still some very worthy offerings coming our way where it all comes together in harmony and fits like a glove.

In the case of Burn Rubber’s latest team-up with New Balance, a boxing glove would actually be more specific, as their take on the New Balance 577 model pays tribute to the city of Detroit and its rich boxing heritage. The shop has made a habit of pulling inspiration from their hometown and surroundings on most of their collaborative footwear endeavors and that unbreakable sense of pride has shined through in everything they’ve done. And maybe it’s that organic feel and sincere approach that have made each Burn Rubber project a success, with these influences and themes clearly coming out of a real place of love and not just another gimmicky plot to muster hype.

Burn Rubber once again reps their city and its long and storied boxing roots, more specifically honoring one of Detroit’s most iconic figures, Joe Louis, and the tale of how he got his start in the sport. Legend goes that Joe gave up his violin lessons to begin training at the local boxing gym, but he kept carrying around his gloves in the violin case because his mother would not have been happy about the decision. So to bring their 577 story further to life, Burn Rubber really went the extra mile by having limited edition run of co-branded violin cases made up to replicate what Joe’s might have looked like.

Through a luxurious combination of era-inspired colors and premium materials, Burn Rubber’s NB 577 ably manages to cover both requisite bases by providing a visual accompaniment worthy of its revered source of inspiration. Following a special friends and family launch event being held at the store the night before, the shoe is set to release to the public this Saturday, November 16th at 12am EST at Shop.BurnRubberDetroit.com. Before they hit the shelves, you can get the inside scoop as Rick Williams and Ro Spit of Burn Rubber fill us in on the story behind the shoe, their history with New Balance, and more, so continue on for the full interview and a detailed gallery of images.

4 thoughts on “Burn Rubber x New Balance 577: Detroit’s Fighting Spirit

  1. love the concept, asian 577 i think so not crazy about  that shape wise. wondering how “premium” the leather will be considering the asian makeup. Cw is pretty clean, and I LOVE the gum soles, i think they should be on EVERY SHOE.

  2. not sure what happened to my previous comment but ….
    Love the concept and violin case. Hate that they are Asian Made instead of UK made (US doesnt make 577s) so im wondering how the shape and leather quality will be. Colorway is pretty clean and I LOV THE GUM SOLE, they should be on every shoe. pretty nice overall the more I look at them. Its tough for me to say that as well since nowadays theres a million collabos every week that come out, mostly terrible, and it takes away from what a collabo should be. .Shops should feel honored to work with some of these companies but then they dribble out some garbage, like the recent extra butter asics pack-5 shit shoes out of 5 tries. ALL amazing models from asics and extraa butter shit all over them for your enjoyment.  These shops need to keep things fresh and quit following one another. Asics have been done to death now (thnx RF) and shops like sneaker freaker have been INNOVATING for quite some time, using models people have never even thought to collabo yet. First in line with the integrals, disc blazes, NB 850s, 998s, saucony 6000s, le coq flash……They were way ahead of ANYONE doing these amazing collabos. We need more of that shit from these shops. RANT OVER 😉

  3. andred77777 – Are you suggesting that Asia does not have premium leather? I mean if New Balance tells them to use a specific type of material and has to approve it before it’s shipped over how could they use anything less than what was specified?
    This was a disappointing release. The violin box was apparently available to a very low number and the shoes themselves sold out within what felt like minutes. When it’s easier to get the Volcanoes, Only In Soho and Size? Huarache LE Exclusives something is wrong. You claim we need more shops like this but if what someone said about Burn Rubber is true we don’t. Giving friends and employees first dibs on shoes before the general public is a poor business practice and I’ve already boycotted one such shop this week after being told friends get first dibs to my face. They don’t need my money or new customers.

  4. FutureTomorrow_ andred77777 i actually got them online very easily but it says it won’t come with the violin case. But i rather have gotten the only in sohos but they were too limited(c’mon saucony  u aint nike!!)

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