Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

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reebok the big hurt 1996 Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)


Last night Sneaker News hit you with a small feature of Reebok’s best and brightest from the 1990′s. That go us thinking – Reebok deserves every bit as much as any other brand to be featured in our Classics Revisited segment, so we’re going to hit you with a streak of five of Reebok’s most memorable sneakers from the 90′s – starting with the Reebok Big Hurt. The shoes were designed for the power-slugging Frank Thomas, who spent the bulk of his career with the Chicago White Sox as an offensive weapon that drew contact for power and for average, winning the MVP crown twice in his career. Frank played a major role in one of Reebok’s most memorable ad campaigns in history called ‘Planet Reebok’, which placed him next to Shaquille O’neal, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Chang as four elite athletes in their respective fields.

The Reebok Big Hurt footwear line started with the 1995 version, which featured the logo-shaped ankle-strap, but quite frankly, the shoe wasn’t much different from the Reebok designs of the time. Our focus is on the 1996 design that followed – one of the most unique sneaker designs in history; during that time, Reebok began emphasizing dynamic designs while using a minimalist logo-branding on the shoes, seen in classic releases like the Shaqnosis, Kamikaze, Blast, and more. The Big Hurt of 1996 followed suit with a black/white striped upper and a triplet of small Reebok logos with a midsole structure that was more battle-tank than agile sneaker. Then again, Frank Thomas is more of a battle-tank than a human being, so it seemed to mesh well with his 6’4″, 240 lb. frame. More of this forgotten classic after the jump, so stay tuned for more revisited Reeboks this week and let us know what you think about this insane design!

Reebok Big Hurt
Frank Thomas Signature Shoe

frank thomas reebok big hurt Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

reebok big hurt frank thomas sneakers Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

reebok big hurt Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

reebok big hurt frank thomas Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

reebok big hurt 1996 Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

reebok big hurt 96 Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

reebok big hurt white black red Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

frank thomas reebok big hurt sneakers Classics Revisited: Reebok Big Hurt (1996)

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Your mom
Your mom

WTF is wrong with you guys? I know tastes differ, but I was just about to say these are one of my favorite shoes of all time. I actually like the design and I dreamed of havinf these as a kid. I would get them if they retroed.

Mache Custom Kicks
Mache Custom Kicks

The big hurt was my favorite player growing up, he was THAT DUDE. But the Assaults were a better sig than these...bring THOSE back Swizz

***~Big Infinite~***
***~Big Infinite~***

Only baseball shoes i wore other then griffeys were da Frank Thomas'... classic shit


No lie these shoes r ugly as fffffffff!


Frank I remember these. He was a beast! Reminded me of Bo Jackson (baseball)


damn i remember these. not a big fan though


ill pass, even though i loved frank thomas growing up.


frank thomas was a beast on the white sox in the 90's.


ugly as it comes


I had them as a kid, not by choice. I use to get teased and got called Zebra feet..


WTF? These "hurt" to look at back in the 90's, and the "hurt" to look at now... I love OG's and classics, but these "shits" are ugly son... get real.

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