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New Balance 580 “NBeezy” Customs by Alexander John

April 15th, 2014 by / 28

Will the most recognizable colorways from the Air Yeezy line carry over onto the upcoming Kanye West x adidas YEEZi line? Whether or not they do, you can bet that the sneaker world will never forget about those very particular palettes. Proving that is this custom take on the New balance 580 from Alexander John of Color of Life, which features the black/pink set up along with a little bit of glowing green for the sole (There’s also some snake style texture on the back end). Does his creation do the original set of “Blink” Yeezys justice? Tell us down in the comments and get in touch with Alexander John with any inquiries you might have.

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Ian Matic Gale
Ian Matic Gale

Stop the Yeezy n South Beach colorways immediately!!! #lame

Billy Lopez
Billy Lopez

"customs" you illiterate fucks but yeah these are horrible

Alexander Barquin
Alexander Barquin

Comon, this kanyeezy crap has to stop. Why dont people just create something that's unique instead of mimicking some over hyped shoe. Just shows how limited ones creativity in the sneaker world.

Founding Father
Founding Father

Are these the only colors paint for shoes comes in? All the colors in the Angelous catalog and these clowns keep using the same three... DMN SHAME!!!!!!!!

Patrick Fries
Patrick Fries

This colorway is dead. If you cop these, pick up a black skirt too

Jackson Wolfe
Jackson Wolfe

Yeezy color ways are for hype beasts and resellers.

Dewuan Jefferson
Dewuan Jefferson

For some reason I can't help think of Spike Lee's Bamboozled when I look at these. Lol

Anthony Sa
Anthony Sa

Oh my god! How many bullshit Yeezy customs do we have to have?


well its a custom, so this wasnt nb

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