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Ewing Athletics Rogue – Release Date

October 16th, 2014 by | No comments

ewing athletics rogue release date 01 Ewing Athletics Rogue   Release Date

When thinking of the return of Ewing Athletics, the first silhouettes that probably come to mind are the ones that Patrick Ewing made famous on the court himself. We’re speaking of the bulky premium leather high-tops that should induce nostalgia of 90s era basketball like the Ewing 33 Hi and Ewing Center. That wasn’t all the brand was limited to though as releases like the Ewing Guard has proved that namesake wasn’t just reserved for big men. Now we finally get a retro of the 1994 Ewing Athletics Rogue, a sneaker that in comparison to the brand’s other models is a bit more modern but still features that overlaying strap indicative of 90s basketball silhouettes. We have a full rundown of images for the latest Ewing Athletics retro after the break and be on the lookout for the Rogue to return to store shelves on 10/31 for $120.

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Ewing Athletics Brings Back A 1991 PE

October 1st, 2014 by | No comments

ewing center 1991 pe Ewing Athletics Brings Back A 1991 PE

At this point we’re in pretty deep territory as far as Ewing Athletics is concerned, and the latest shoe that they’ve prepped for release is one that you might not be familiar with unless you’re a die-hard Knickerbocker fan. The Ewing Center in question is a player exclusive creation from 1991 that will finally be let out of the vault soon at a handful of Ewing partnered retailers. Check out the original shoes after the click and then let us know if you think this retro is true enough to do them justice.

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Ewing 33 Hi – Black – White – Gum

September 19th, 2014 by | No comments

ewing 33 hi black white gum 03 570x425 Ewing 33 Hi   Black   White   Gum

The whole Ewing Athletics catalog is sort of anchored by bold looks on account of the overall bulkiness of their designs and their heritage that’s tied up in the Knickerbocker scheme. It ends up pretty refreshing then to see pairs like this, which have the line looking just a little bit more subtle by stripping any stark coloring out of the equation. What’s left is a straight black and white shoe that rests on the classic gum-bottom platform. Tell us in the comments if you approve of the move and then grab this Ewing 33 Hi from Oneness if you do.

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Ewing Center – Red – Black – White

September 18th, 2014 by | 1 comment

ewing center red 05 570x424 Ewing Center   Red   Black   White

The Ewing Center, despite its name, is definitely one of the silhouettes from Ewing Athletics that is furthest from the center stage pairs like the Ewing 33 Hi. And yet, it seems to have enjoyed a decent retro following during the revival that that sneaker company has had in the past couple of years. The revival continues with a red, white, and black pair that was earlier promised as part of their September, 2014 crop. It’s here now, so check the images on them and then get them from Rock City Kicks.

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Ewing Athletics September 2014 Release Dates

September 10th, 2014 by | 1 comment

ewing athletics september 2014 01 Ewing Athletics September 2014 Release Dates

There are three pairs on deck from Ewing Athletics for September, 2014. The bad news is that they’re not coming out till the end of the month though – the Ewing 33 Hi and Ewing Center pairs in question will all be releasing on 9/26 for $110 each. The good news is that we’ve got more imagery on each of them that should help you make up your mind on whether or not you’ll be chasing these down at the end of the month. Click through with us for the photos of each of these new Ewings if you need some more flavor from that Knicks legend in your rotation.

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Ewing Athletics 33 Hi – Black – White

September 3rd, 2014 by | 3 comments

ewing 33 hi black white Ewing Athletics 33 Hi   Black   White

While the recent CNCPTS x Ewing Athletics 33 Hi “Rindge & Latin” pair looks muted enough on the surface, the sneakers actually got a little bit flashy thanks to the reflective detailing mixed in. But if you’re still on the lookout for a colorway that comes from the dark end of the spectrum and sticks with it, this one should do the trick. Promised as a September release, the Ewing 33 Hi in question switches between black and white for the upper and slides some gum on bottom. Find the full photo of this Ewing sneaker below and check back in with us for more concrete release info.

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Ewing Athletics Releases For August 2014

August 11th, 2014 by | 2 comments

ewing athletics releases for august 2014 01 Ewing Athletics Releases For August 2014

Ewing Athletics continues to drop some formidable takes atop their retro sneakers, and now we get three new looks for later this week. The likes of the Ewing 33 Hi featuring a “Sky Blue” appearance in a reference to Pat’s collegiate rival, a “Georgetown” Ewing Center, and a vibrant take on the Ewing Wrap are all slated to release this Friday. Check out a better look at the latest batch of Ewing retros and be on the lookout for each pair to hit select spots like Sneaker Politics on August 15th.

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