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Nike Mag Halloween Costume Replicas Officially Licensed by Universal Studios

September 15th, 2014 by | 130 comments

nike mag back to the future 03 Nike Mag Halloween Costume Replicas Officially Licensed by Universal Studios

You don’t have to wait until 2015 to pick up the Nike Mag – there’s this Halloween costume pair up for grabs right now. They might look like a fake, but keep in mind that these are officially licensed by Universal Studios, who was responsible for Back to the Future II. Of course they aren’t technically a Nike shoe as they don’t feature any Nike branding, but other than that it’s a pretty faithful recreation of the classic Nike Mag sneaker – a cheaper one than we’ve ever seen too at just $100. Continue reading to see the full set of images on this non-Nike pair of Nike Mags, which does come with the light up soles and a USB connector, and let us know if you’re trying to grab a pair on pre-order at Halloween Costumes.

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Tinker Hatfield Confirms Power Laces on Nike Mag 2015

February 14th, 2014 by | 75 comments

nike mag 2011 back for the future 05 Tinker Hatfield Confirms Power Laces on Nike Mag 2015

2011′s release of the Nike Mag will go down as one of the key moments in the brand’s 21st Century history. However, with the shoes dropping a full four years before the “actual” release date in 2015 (as alluded to in Back To The Future II), the sneakers were missing the key component that made them a relic of days yet passed – the ability to self-lace. The video that introduced the Mag, which featured Nike designer Tinker Hatfield as a Nike retail employee, mentioned that power-lacing won’t be available until 2015, and in today’s session at the Jordan Flight Lab, Tinker confirmed that next year, the self-lacing Mags will indeed release. In addition to Tinker’s verbal confirmation, Nike recently re-upped the patent on this technology. Stay tuned for more updates on this big-time release and let us know what you think about Nike coming through with this major promise.

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Just Blaze in Nike Mag

January 9th, 2013 by | 2 comments

just blaze in nike mag Just Blaze in Nike Mag

The Nike Mag is one of those sneakers that, if you are lucky enough to own a pair, you can only really break out every once in a while. Just Blaze apparently recognizes that as the pair he brought out for his recent birthday bash is still looking pretty crispy. For the event Just was spinning at the jam packed party at Bowery Electric, wherein his safe haven behind the ones and twos meant that the coveted sneakers were in no real harm. Continue reading for all the shots of Just Blaze rocking the Nike Mag and check back with us to see which celebrity is brave enough to bust theirs out next.

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Nike HyperMag Customs by Brian Villanueva

November 11th, 2012 by | 10 comments

nike hypermag customs Nike HyperMag Customs by Brian Villanueva

The original Nike Mag designed was in fact a direct inspiration to Eric Avar’s Nike Hyperdunk of 2008, and sneaker customizer Brian Villanueva actually went about a Mag-inspired Hyperdunk Custom before. Upon the 2011 release of the Mag, Villanueva decided to revisit his original project and powering it up to be on par with the original; this Nike HyperMag custom features several mechanical details like a rechargeable lithium ion battery, LED lighs on the heel, electroluminscent tech on the tongue and outsole, and a built in charger that can be plugged into an outlet or a USB. Brian’s amazed us before with before with his Lunar prototype before, and this custom is certainly no sleeper as he brings the Hyperdunk to the future with this amazing work. A gallery of images awaits you below so take a look and let us know if this is the direction you’d like customs sneakers to go in.

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Air Jordan VI ‘McFly’ Customs by Proof Culture

April 10th, 2012 by | 32 comments

air jordan vi mcfly customs by proof culture 1 Air Jordan VI McFly Customs by Proof Culture

Science fiction themes have been prominent in the sneakerhead scene for almost a year now, or perhaps even as much as three if you consider 2009′s Air Jordan XI ‘Space Jam’ drop. That release caused a frenzy of excitement that’s been growing ever since, a surge in sneaker populatrity that found later peaks with the massive success of the Nike Mag 2015 auctions last summer and again with this spring’s NBA All-Star ‘Big Bang’.

That ‘Galaxy’ motif has been the single most popular color-swap since the Air Foamposite Ones were notoriously pulled from shelves, and it’s been so common that this Air Jordan VI ’McFly’ custom by Proof Culture feels like a breath of fresh air by comparison. Interestingly enough, we see influence from another Christmas Air Jordan XI Retro here with the ‘Cool Grey’ look that dominated the 2010 holiday and has subsequently evolved to accommodate all manner of bright accent colors (as seen on models like the ‘Wolf Grey’ Air Jordan 2012). So this ends up being not just a sendup of a shoe famous for its role in Back to the Future Part II, but also demonstrates that film’s core premise by taking us on a trip back through history in a way that alters familiar elements of our lives in the present. Check them out up close and let us know how they compare to the top customs we’ve seen here on Sneaker News of late and stick with us for all the best custom Air Jordans.

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Nike McFly Family Portraits

October 28th, 2011 by | 12 comments

nike mcfly family portrait 03 Nike McFly Family Portraits

Admit it: One of your guilty pleasures is to sift through pages and pages of blogs that compile some of the funniest pieces of text or imagery on the internet. One of the more popular time-wasters on the ‘net is  ’Awkward Family Photos’, which features endless pages of some of the weirdest blood-related groups of people in the world. Family portraits in general are a bit awkward, but if you’ve got a respectable head of the household in the Nike Mag 2011 and two dope offspring in the Hypermax and Hyperdunk, there’s no way a portrait can look awkward, unless you decide to hold the Mags yourself while wearing a t-shirt showing Billy Crystal, as Mickey Gordon of the movie ‘Forget Paris’, shouting (what appears to be) profanities. Ah, so close. Still a cool picture nonetheless, so check out the Nike McFly Family Portraits and let us know what you think. via gallery2.

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Unboxing The Nike Mag 2011

September 23rd, 2011 by | 26 comments

unboxing the nike mag 2011 Unboxing The Nike Mag 2011

We’re all familiar with the infinite wait for THE package to arrive. Twiddling your thumbs while compulsively checking on that tracking number online, wondering if your kicks got lost in the mail because the ‘OUT FOR DELIVERY’ update that was made at 6:37 AM hasn’t been changed, running to your window every time a car passes by, only to realize it’s a wretched school-bus filled with children or a damn Fresh Direct delivery truck. WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME, OH SNEAKER GODS?!? It’s hell. We know. We’ve been there. So imagine if you have an item scheduled to arrive – an item that is undoubtedly the best sneaker release of the year and perhaps of the last decade; the waiting period is a lot worse, but the joy from unboxing your newfound sneaker pick-up is exponentially greater. It’s here. You’re mine. Get in mah belly.

Yu-Ming Wu, founder/publisher of Sneaker News and long-time sneaker aficionado, had not one, but two pairs of the Nike Mag 2011 arrive at his door-step, and he gracefully presented us with a step-by-step unboxing of the Mags – a sinfully indulgent experience that most of us will sadly never witness. A box, inside a box, inside a box is where you’ll find the Nike Mag 2011, which also comes with a booklet of dos and don’ts (don’t wear ‘em in water, don’t try to fly like Michael) and instructions on how to light up your Mags and recharge the batteries. What makes the unboxing of the Mags that much more special? Most packages arrive in a few days. For the Mags, it took 23 years. Check out the full Nike Mag 2011 un-boxing experience below!

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