Nike Snowboarding ‘Danny Doesn’t Know’

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More than any group other than the elusive Auburn-Raiders-Royals-WhiteSox-Angels fan, sneakerheads are aware of this simple fact: BO KNOWS.  The dynamic two-sport superstar was a natural fit during the early heyday of Nike Training and proved that Jackson’s accumen extended beyond his own sports and athletics entirely.  This W+K campaign was such a smash hit that the catchphrase was integral to the Trainer series re-launch and now sees its key theme twisted around for another exceptional Swoosh repper.  The new “Danny Don’t Know” video from Nike Snowboardingis a humorous look at Danny Kass‘ prospects in other fields compared to his excellence on the mountain; how does it match up to one of the sneaker world’s all-time great ads?  Have a look at both videos after the jump and let us know which one was better.

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dead astaire
dead astaire

Also if you read after the jump, the author asks the reader "how does it match up to one of the sneaker world's all-time great ads?".........dickwads........well respected in the industry, doesn't mean his ass is entertaining in a nike commercial, this commercial just doesn't hold a candle to the original, sorry snowboarders but you a-holes just make bad commercials, sorry.


That bearded dude is Pat Bridges the chief editor of snowboarder magazine and well respected figure in the sport so the commercial makes more sense than you think there chief

dead astaire
dead astaire

The bearded dude is horrible, they should have gotten a well known nike sponsored athlete from each sport to say "Danny Don't Know" that bearded dude acts like he doesn't even give a shit that it is a nike commercial, let alone that it is inspired by one of the most historic ad campaigns(Bo Knows), you gotta respect that source of inspiration and this commercial falls way short.

dead astaire
dead astaire

That comment upstairs goes for you too "Chief".


Your knowledge falls way should do some research before you try and be cool and shoot down a Nike add. The bearded guy as kick4dayze has noted is Pat Bridges - very well respected in the industry and well fitted for this commercial. The lackadaisical attitude that he has in the commercial highlights Danny's laid back personality in real life, and how he views his riding.

dead astaire
dead astaire

Sorry if i hit a sore spot snowboard community, but I still think the commercial is lame regardless of who Pat Bridges is, wouldn't know, don't really care. Even with this new found "knowledge" or whatever you would like to call it that you have just dropped on me, still, A lame ass commercial is just a lame ass commercial in my opinion and this said commercial falls under the category of "LAME ASS" also known as the "DrewB516 Category"

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