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Jordan Brand Olympic “Rise Above” Friends & Family Package

August 8, 2012 BY / 9

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Olympic Basketball is approaching a heightened sense of competition as the Semi-Finals are just days away, so Jordan Brand is keep the Olympic mood right with this amazing Friends-&-Family Jordan Brand Olympic “Rise Above” Pack. The wooden box is painted with the navy blue exterior with a daring red Jumpman on the upper face, and contained inside is the recently released Air Jordan VII ‘Olympic’, which was worn by Michael Jordan in ’92, and the Jordan Super Fly ‘Olympic’, currently being utilized by Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Maya Moore. Jordan Brand always comes correctly with these inspired arrangements, so check out this sick Olympic-inspired package below and let us know if you copped any of the Olympic Jordan Brand releases!


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Filed under: Air Jordan



i hope jordan brand is paying attention to the olympics cuz from all the match photos i've seen, no one is wearing the super flys lol


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It's just too bad no normal people can get them. So why post pictures? You have to be a friend or family to Jordan brand to get em. I have bought 50 pairs just this year and they don't consider me a friend. Must be their 100 pair a month club or something.


 @BigDMoney208 JB doesn't give a shit about its consumers... The shitty quality they use on their kicks nowadays is  direct result of it... Safe to say I haven't purchased a retro this year yet... But Nike and LeBron have been gettin my money... Thats my middle finger to JB!! Bring back OG quality you cheap fucks... 


@JrSnackz @BigDMoney208 I feel you bro!! Bought almost every bron shoe that has come out thia year. And have only bought one jay which I regret because the quality was so bad! Im to the point where I don't even think im going to try and get the gold medal pack because I ain't going to pay 400 for a shoe with shitty quality


 @JrSnackz i dont want to start an argument but you do know that nike still makes money if you buy Jb products so their quality is also reflected from nike.



 @JrSnackz Yeah finally Man A guy who has the balls to see it that way fuck the community now everything jordan sells is over price tee shirts that are plain as fuck. Socks that stretch and lose its elastic. And sneakers with shitty quality. I blame all the idiots for buying it even they know it will be shitty but too blind to see it's just a name Jordan doesn't even own the company it's just a name Nike owns the brand. It;s just like tony hawk and his games and tiger woods with his games also. So don't blame MJ. They wanted to make the brand big but now their brand is on top so they'll keep milking it until they lose business but i don't think they will lose any customers because of all the spoiled kids wanted to look like the crowds. -FlightJays


 @CrownHolder Of course Nike will continue to get their money. But not from me buying Jordans was my argument. Until they put a quality effort into making a better  $160-$185 shoe. But I'm a flea and of course other people will still fall into the hype and buy over priced shit quality pairs of kicks. All I'm saying is I will not be one of em.... I'll miss out on dope releases but at the end of the day... They're only kicks....


@CrownHolder @JrSnackz It's true though. They make money either way but they put more focus into making quality Nike products because they have to focuse on MASS production on JB products. So there is a good reason I got my 4's today and they are the worst quality pair of shoes I ever received in my whole entire life. Thanks JB & Eastbay. Although in eastbays defense they are trying to get me an exchange pair. I consider my chances about 35% but seriously got my fingers crossed.

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