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Jordan Brand Signs Blake Griffin

November 2, 2012 BY / 15

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The next generation of Jordan Brand is looking mighty healthy as the brand that Michael built has been fortified with the presence of one of the most exciting players in the game today. Blake Griffin, who found his way into our hearts with his deadpan charisma and magnificent dunking showcase, officially joins Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Ray Allen, and newcomer Russell Westbrook as the brand’s headlining athletes, teaming up with CP3 in one of the biggest basketball markets in the nation.

This may come as a surprise considering the sudden stoppage of the momentum gained by Nike and the non-signature flagship Hyperdunk model, and many of Blake’s fans projected the Oklahoma alumni to eventually join LeBron, KD, and Kobe as Nike’s exclusive signature-sneaker club. However, this is certainly an outstanding strategic move by Jordan Brand in the wake of Dwyane Wade’s departure; Los Angeles, New York, Miami, OKC, and Chicago make up the bulk of the big-market teams, and Jordan Brand certainly has their chess pieces in the right places.

This week, in his season debut, Blake wore a Royal/Black colorway of the Jordan Super.Fly, which all but sealed Griffin’s allegiance with Jordan Brand. The question that instantly surfaces is: Will Blake get his own signature shoe? Who will get his own shoe first – Russell, or Blake? Will either of them even get their own shoe, or will they be the ambassadors for the top-shelf models like the Super.Fly? There’s a lot of potential with this newfound partnership, so be sure to stick with Sneaker News for all updates regarding the newly acquainted Jordan Brand and Blake Griffin connection.

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R.I.P Blake Griffins sneaker line. JB is a grave yard where sneakers go to die. Had a good couple of make-ups from Nike Basketball, but at least im sure you got a whole lot of money for going to JB, if nothing else. Carmelo, Paul, anyone else with JB... never had a good looking shoe. LBJ, Kobe, Durant... all lines growing stronger every year with Nike. Though i'm sure you can still wear one of JB's many Retro's that they continue to release year after year, albeit with lesser and lesser quality, made for a man that hasn't played the game in HOW many years? Which is all they are good for. Which isn't saying much. No one buys any of JB's new stuff, only re-re-re-re-re-re-retros of the same tired old shit, which is just lame.


only retros from JB for me. anything else<<<<<<<<<


Texas alumni?!? He went to the University of Oklahoma.

Kev Loco
Kev Loco

Everyone should have seen this one coming. 


i knew it! welcome to the flight club!!!!


I had hopes that he could get a nice sig with Nike. I pictured a nice old school type of Big man shoe (Air Griffins had a nice ring to it.) with new technology. But with JB, there honestly hasn't been a decent signature shoe from them since the Melo 1.5s to me. But I'll keep my hopes up; Maybe they'll suprise me...Not likely though.


@caseyflinders yea those lines are growing stronger but jb retros still outsell all of nikes superstars conbined. Lebrons kobes kd's etc., the new models sell thats why guys lines are still going. Yall looking at street wise cuz nobody rocks the new jordan stuff, ballers buy those you ppl are stuck in the past with retros and complaining about quality while you have it in the new stuff. Jb stuff sell why do u think his brand is so big, he's almost in every league of every sport. Will it ever take nike no cuz nike wont let jordan leave why he brings them the most money. Blake would fit good with them he could never be the main guy in nike but he could at jb


@4U2NV did u not kno that jordans the retros outsell everything at nike every year. It outsell lebrons kobes kd's and the other guys. Certain lebrons kobes kd's sellout in quickly not at of them. And dwade new company will prolly be a bust too, dwade did lose fans bcuz of his attitude but well see


 @bJWALKINrivers Never. Should've re-signed with Nike. Everything JB releases, new model wise, is pure garbo. Look at the Melos, Wades, and CP3s.. Retros are alright, but the technology & material is outdated. 


 @hozezae  @caseyflinders Blake Griffin will never be the main guy at Jordan. And Jordan doesn't bring Nike the most money, Nike brings Nike the most money. Nike has sooooo many more branches and products than Jordan that it would be impossible for that to ever happen. JB's new stuff performs just as well as Nike's Basketball lineup....They're just fucking ugly and you have to realize most people enjoy looking nice while they play (no matter the sport) but still want performance and that's the reason you see more people ballin' in KD's and Lebrons than CP3's and Melos.


@Nick_II_Quick do u not kno jordan brand made nije what it is today. Have u seem the amount of revenue jb brings nike every year. Yes nike sells great but product for product is what im saying jordan brings alot in compared to any other athetle. Yes retros alone sell more than anything nike puts out bro even combined with the nike superstars thats just the retros. You need to look up that information and read it I wouldnt sell u nothing for the hell of it. At the end of the day nike does bring in the most bcuz jordan is still under nike, nike will not let jb go they keepiing him to stay and why, bcuz of the money he brings in and nike profits off of it. Lastly the Jumpman symbol is global and is in almost in every major sport

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