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Air Jordan XX8 “Joker”

December 4, 2012 BY / 19

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While “Joker” isn’t a confirmed colorway by any means, the Black/Green/Purple Air Jordan III that’s been previewed on Sneaker News quickly adopted that nickname thanks to its semblance to the classic DC Comics villain. Looks like the AJ3 won’t stand alone as we get a first look at an Air Jordan XX8 release that resembles the same ‘Joker’ theme of purple and green, which features wavy lines detailing  the outer grey shroud (similarly to the Air Jordan XX8 ‘All-Star’). Do these new colorways change your mind on the XX8, or do you need to see more? We’ll keep you on top of all things Air Jordan XX8 so keep it locked in here and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

Photo: greatsirrellius

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Bottom line is, will anyone buy these?  For that price, nope.


This is the 3rd color I have seen so far.


I like the 28 aesthetically when they flip the collar down b/c it reminds me of the glove or flightposites so itll look cool in jeans, performance-wise they look really lightweight and the bootie seems comfortable so i might just ball in these a few times then return em b/c for 250 they cud atleast have some jordan version of nike+ and I wud like to see a performance comparison between these and the UA Charge


Maybe it's me or just these pics but this cw has an ashy feel to it


Actually i think they look great, finally something fresh.

I'm also a sneaker designer, and had lots of inspiration from Tinker.

Also do i know how hard it is to come up with new idea's.

I looked at this model with the Nike Mag in mind, they also have the sock like vibe and the futuristic look.

I think a grey sock with a white inner shoe with blue details and maybe some paint splatters on the sole could make it the Mags brother.

Maybe my idea and twist on the shoe could make you love it.

Try to see it for what it is a futuristic shoe, totally high tech.

If they release in grey i'm sold, just don't compare them to retroes were about 15 years ahead of all good Jordans.


Really? REALLY StephenDensmore?? "Whoever designed these is a joker"...Do you wanna do a little bit of research before you type that on a sneaker website? Are you over the age of 19? You MUST be new to "the game" or just numb cuz "whoever designed these" is Tinker Hatfield. Arguably (and an easy argument) the greatest, most innovative shoe-designer EVER. Designed the  Jordan 3 thru 15...all of em. Have you heard of those? I'm sure you 'camp' for a week for a hyped Jordan 6 or 7 or 9 or 10...cuz it's a "numbered Jordan" right? Oh and this "joker" also designed the AJ23, 2010. Oh and I almost forgot he literally invented the 'cross trainer' with the Nike Air Trainer...Oh yeah, the "Joker" ALSO came up with the Air Max 1 ANDDD the Air Max 90...That is one impressive "joker". Tinker's designs are ridiculously ahead of their time. The man's a genius. Why do u think shoes designed in 1989-1995 r STILL the most popular shoes of today and don't stay on shelves? And why does a Jordan 3 look so perfectly current? A shoe 25 years old in design that still looks completely @ home with 2012 designed shoes...Cuz he's always been ahead of his time. The 11 was the first patent leather on a b-ball shoe and ppl clowned it...it didnt get love @ first and now it's the hypest Jordan there is. This is the case with several other Jordans 3-15. This shoe is way ahead of it's time. I'm not a huge fan but peep the xx8 video and the on-court shots...w/ the shroud down it looks pretty fresh. If people don't start to accept SOMETHING new from Jordan then it's going to fall by the wayside. They're running out of retroes of retroes of retroes...and if they keep making "LS" and new colorways of classic Jays then it'll ruin the mystique...Not that anyone seems to care bout that anymore...



Not even "South Beach" colorway can save this shoes

J crack
J crack

The 28 ain't too bad but the GLOVES still look better!!!!


Not bad... need more pix... but overall da 28s are jus OK... strictly fa hoopers


the inside sleeve looks to be glow in the dark I can get with that


this shoe is different. i see a lot of possibilities, good and bad

Stephen Densmore
Stephen Densmore


For the record, I'm 31 years old. I know who Tinker Hatfield is, and just because he invented some of my favorite Jordan shoes, it doesn't mean I have to like all of his designs.  The XX3 was not only ugly, but equally as worthless on the court.  


You're making it sound like the only reason these shoes don't sit on shelves is because how well they fit with today's fashion.  I think you're forgetting the fact it's the fans of these shoes, and the hype surrounding releases that are keeping Jordan Brand relevant.  It's sure as Hell not these atrocious "modern" signature shoes that quickly end up on clearance racks.  Besides, III's might have been ahead of their time, but they still look retro fashion-wise.  


If you must know, my favorite is probably the Bordeaux VII's; mainly because they're the first pair of Jordans I ever owned (got them in 5th grade).  Black/Red XI's are my other all-time favorite.  I had the OG's when I was a freshman in high school.  People might not have been crazy about the Concords when they first released, but it didn't take long to change; it was nearly impossible to obtain the Black/Red XI's when they released shortly after. 



 @StephenDensmore  you're certainly entitled to your opinion, so no one should flame you for having one.... having said that: these shoes are function-over-fashion. period. same with the XX3s (which happen to be an  amazing piece of design IMHO, but i digress).


a big part of the challenge here is that:  most items that begin to push the tech/design envelope are allowed to stand for years before the public demands something new. this is not the case with fashion. fashion is expected to be updated every year, if not every weather season within a year! so, tinker and swoosh have to keep pumping out new stuff and are expected to meet or surpass the highest bar ever set in shoe design... ironically, a bar they set themselves. 


to your point about the "look" of retro designs: finding the balance between fashion and tech is tough. "good" fashion has to reflect the sensibilities of its wearer, surrounding culture and environment, be reasonably comfy - as well as fit a brand's ethos. most people aren't ready to dress like spacemen. fashion reflects this... and NIKE KNOWS THIS - hence their strategy of taking proven "classic" designs and retro-fitting them with the latest and greatest in tech fabrics/materials. i don't think retro models look old per se, i think people are drawn to them because they reflect the pinnacle of the amount of tech that can exist while still remaining fashionably viable on a mass scale... because again, we're still wearing jeans, not spacesuits. 


re: the OG Concord XIs that November/December they dropped... this was back when you could still generally get a pair of Js whenever you wanted them: you're 31. i just turned 40. i don't know what part of the country you lived in at the time, but i remember trying to find a pair a week or 2 after the release. i spent like 2 hours calling every shoe store in Atlanta. IMPOSSIBLE. SOLD OUT. i'm not a Nike insider, but I'm 99% sure that was the year they started to limit release numbers - evil geniuses that they are.


Looks are subjective son. Get over it. You lost all credibility on the Tinker remark. Step your shoe game up.

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