Nike LeBron X “Ironman 3″ Customs for LeBron James by Mache

February 28th, 2013 by | 15 comments

nike lebron x ironman 3 mache customs lebron james 03 Nike LeBron X Ironman 3 Customs for LeBron James by Mache

The much hinted at Mache Nike LeBron X custom for LeBron James is here at last. The sneaker sports an Ironman 3 inspired colorway as per the personal request of King James. The entirety of the pair has yet to be revealed, but for now we know that they come with chrome sections, plenty of gold splashed into the colorway, custom Stark Enterprise tongue tags, and a super duty carrying case to hold the precious sneaker. Check out more on the Nike LeBron X ‘Ironman 3′ custom by Mache that LeBron had him whip up after the jump and stay tuned should more images pop up.

nike lebron x ironman 3 mache customs lebron james 01 570x404 Nike LeBron X Ironman 3 Customs for LeBron James by Mache

nike lebron x ironman 3 mache customs lebron james 02 570x410 Nike LeBron X Ironman 3 Customs for LeBron James by Mache

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They ok, nothing special about these airbrushed sneaks


Dam all on dudes balls he just paints shoes

Foamposite XI
Foamposite XI

I don't get it. Why not just have somebody at Nike make one for him?

baby gerald
baby gerald

Mache is a master of the art.  His Dark Knights are on my top ten list of lottery-win kicks.


The shoes are awesome, but somebody at Nike has got to be kicking themselves for letting this happen. Lebron can get any cw he wants and he goes to Mache for a custom. Thats insane to allow a signature athlete make such a public spectacle of a pair of custom shoes made for him by a guy who has no ties to Nike. This guy was doing numbers before... i can only imagine now.


Nas - "No Idea's Original". Mache is simply doin' Nike's JOB hahahaha... Dope imo.


 @kutsum It'll be more interesting to see how Marvel comes down on these. They previously requested two other customizer's ,whose Iron Man themes got lots of attention, to remove images, stop selling/promoting..and cease & desists if I'm not mistaken. With these being for someone of such high way Marvel is happy.



Ageed, not the most creative- but his skill level is way up there. 


 @caseyflinders  @IgotthatFIRE 


cheesy |ˈCHēzē| adjective1 like cheese in taste, smell, or consistency: 2 cheap, unpleasant, or blatantly inauthentic:  

adjective tacky, cheap, tawdry; trite; corny,cornball.


 @PaintOrThread  @kutsum Yeah, i really wanted those Nike Dunk Ironman's customised by Diversitile. With the battery powered light on the tongue. Were all up on eBay but got taken off and scrapped due to the copyright.

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