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Nike SB Dunk Low “Concord” – Arriving at Retailers

April 16th, 2013 by / 12

The XI x SB connection is ready to touch base again this weekend as the unofficial sequel to 2011’s Nike SB Dunk Low “Space Jam” is ready to hit stores, and we’ve got some good news to report – they’re only gonna cost you $85 (that’s if your local SB shop doesn’t hike up the price). 2013 has proven to be an incredibly strong year for Nike Skateboarding, with this clean Dunk continuing the legendary string of fat-tongued releases. The Nike SB Dunk Low “Concord” are beginning to hit retailers like Concepts so keep an eye out for these at your local Nike SB location as these are slated for a release this Saturday.

Nike SB Dunk Low “Concord”


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I miss the 4/20 releases that were 4/20 inspired.  Most clothing items that celebrate tokin up are always too obvious and ugly about it.  SB made some fine stuff though, inspired instead of being outright with it.  It's like those goddamn pot leaf socks.  I friggin hate those man.


I'm so tired of ppl calling these concords. These r NOT concords, these are some lame ass black and white skating shoes... GTFOofH with that bullshit people!!!!


My local skateshop already said there not hiking up the price


I have a supplier close by, will pickup a pair


for $85 actual skaters might even consider buying these


@metaleggman no need to complain sb will make more but its good that they take breaks so dont oversaturate it 

Made in the 80s
Made in the 80s

It has the concord purple on it fool,, rookie ass beast


@Nate48LG Nike is calling them concords, and they have the exact same  shade of concord grape purple on the bottom; please stop hating. Noone is going to just call these white and black dunks. Concord 11s are overhyped, but these not so much


@MC_Count_Chill yep most shops are going to have a markup on these just because folks want them and will pay it


@bmoody250 it's an unfortunate thing, because it takes the shoe out of the hands of younger people who might want the shoe more, and who can't afford it. I don't fall into that category. But I'm sure enough people do. I would hope not just for their sake, but for the sake of all of us that the markup isn't too high. People should report such things to Nike and see how they respond to unauthorized price hikes on their stuff. It reflects poorly on them if they do anything but reprimand the people responsible.

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