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Vans OTW Lynwood: Skate Grows Up

August 5, 2013 BY / 1

Like most other footwear brands, Vans started out with a focus in one specific area, only to later expand and evolve in different directions. For the California brand, it was all about the skate/surf lifestyle and creating a line of products that represented that vibe and the people who were living it. Since their creation back in 1966, the Vans name and signature checkerboard pattern have been a constant presence in the skateboarding world, but the brand has come a long way in terms of not only the shoes that they’re bringing to the market, but also the ever-growing audience that they’ve been able to connect with.

While other brands have come and gone, Vans still holds a nice share of the skateboarding market thanks to their iconic status in the realm and a slew of still functional and practical classic skate models, not to mention some welcomed new additions to the catalog that have debuted along the way. Their connection to skateboarding is what Air Jordan is to basketball or New Balance to running, but in recent years Vans’ reach has expanded exponentially into the flourishing “lifestyle” market. Now crossing over to a wide new consumer base, it seems that you can spot Vans Eras on the street with the same regularity that you may have seen Dunks or Air Force 1s everywhere you looked 10-15 years ago – and it’s not just a West Coast thing anymore!

Kids that only wore Nike and Air Jordans a few years back, now own a couple pairs of Vans, and that’s no small feat. Demand is at

an all-time high, and equipped with a pricepoint that’s nearly half of what some brands charge for a pair of shoes these days, you can understand why Vans has become such an appealing option for many. The initial transition onto the “sneakerhead” radar came on slow, but it’s biggest push came from the Vans Vault series. Introduced in 2003, the Vault line took Vans to new and luxurious places thanks to its premium takes on classic silhouettes and some juicy collaborations along the way. The success of these efforts has allowed the brand to since venture out into several different sub-categories and capsules, the most notable perhaps being the OTW imprint.

OTW has taken Vans to sophisticated new heights with a variety of new designs tailored to a more grown-up mindset, all while staying true to the core of the brand’s aesthetic. Especially as we get older, some of us sadly can’t wear sneakers all day every day, but Vans OTW offers a bridge between the two worlds and provides something that you can actually wear to work or to a nice dinner and still feel like your footwear game is on point. They may not be super-limited or go for big money on eBay, but the Vans OTW collection has quietly and steadily introduced one solid design after the next, and we thought it only right to shine a little spotlight on their latest. Keep reading for an introduction to the all new Vans OTW Lynwood model, and maybe start thinking about getting your “grown man” sneaker quota up to date.

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Looks hot.... little like a Roshe Mid... but Vans is doin' it here!

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