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Only 1,996 Pairs of the Reebok Question “Banner” Will Release

March 12th, 2014 by / 19

reebok question banner sneaker politics 0 Only 1,996 Pairs of the Reebok Question Banner Will Release

Allen Iverson’s jersey number ’3′ was elevated into the rafters at Wells Fargo Center, retired in tribute to arguably the greatest pound for pound of all time.  Iverson’s dominant days made him synonymous with Philadelphia’s gritty fanbase, and now this ‘Banner’ Reebok Question Mid is on tap to celebrate his achievements with a 76ers colorway complete with golden ’3′s.  Reebok celebrates Iverson’s monumental achievement by making this latest Sixers-inspired Question a limited issue, with only 1,996 pairs going out to the public. Are you in the hunt? See the gallery of photos below as we wait for the release this weekend at stores like Sneaker Politics.

reebok question banner sneaker politics 1 Only 1,996 Pairs of the Reebok Question Banner Will Release

reebok question banner sneaker politics 5 Only 1,996 Pairs of the Reebok Question Banner Will Release

reebok question banner sneaker politics 2 Only 1,996 Pairs of the Reebok Question Banner Will Release

reebok question banner sneaker politics 3 Only 1,996 Pairs of the Reebok Question Banner Will Release

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Glad I got my pair secured... Can't wait to crack these out in da summer time


These are the best pair of Reebok Questions imo..

Gotta get a pair... color blocking on the shoe plus the materials really make it pop...


These are FIRE! People stop sleepin on brands like REEBOK and others, they droppin classic retros this year, Jordan brand aint what it used to be no more, shit is not that popular like before especially cus now u need raffle tickets or connects to buy them, fuck that shit, REEBOK, FILA, EWING ATHLETICS, CONVERSE, ADIDAS, and more brands are dropping HEAT!


They should release 24368, which would represent his feat in points instead of his draft year.... That would be great! That's one of the best numbers to represent him. Small guy that scored that many points is beyond amazing


Wish I could really grab these up! I had A.I. On my wall when I was in Jr High and high school! I teach my son about A.I.... even though I was 6'4.5 in school he still was one of my heros although he was smaller than me


Shop by here getting both the floral kds and these might have to grab both


The significance of this shoe is very cool. A.I will always be on of my favorite players. Props to everyone who's buying to cherish and not to resell


Say what now?...I couldn hear u wit ur moms dick in ur mouth... Pussy ass internet tough guy... Go somewhere else b4 u get exposed Punk bitch


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite  Bruh kill yourself. I cooked. Grabbed these banners and jordan futures....let me know what size you are i might have some left for you...LOL 

Why step anything up when i'm already there?

anyone can call someone, stupid and or dumb. You lost already trying to make it like you're so much smarter than the next.

It is an opinion to say people with connects are hoes. You seem to be a perfect example. There's no feelings behind that...just a fact


Ooooooh I get it now... Ur jus a lil bitter, simple minded, punk ass, whinny lil bitch dat can't get kicks. Makes sense now... And maybe if u knew what an opinion was, maybe we could have an intelligent convo dumbass... U are expressing ur feelings, not an opinion. There's a difference lol...

Stay in ya lane & step ya game up


@Da_Real_Big_Infinite  i'm not an internet tough guy. You're just a faggot.

 "Glad I got someone to hold me a pair and tell people that they're sold out"

true bitch ass nigga shit. All you hoe's with connects to hold stuff can jump off a cliff and land on retailers dick...you included.

if you're mad at  my opinion that's your problem.


Sucks there's at least ten stores within an hour drive that's getting them here

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