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SELECT Collections: Franalations

October 10th, 2013 by | 36 comments

sn select collections franalations cover SELECT Collections: Franalations

Within the sneaker collecting world, there is a stark dichotomy between new school and the old school. As with any subculture, there is always the tendency for its veterans to scoff at the idea of a younger generation coming along and latching on to their thing. But despite the instinctive reflex to want to protect your personal passions from the outside world, the simple fact is that it’s the younger generation that has always driven the culture and dominated the marketplace.

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Franalations Shows Off His Sneaker Collection

May 29th, 2013 by | 17 comments

franalations shows off sneaker collection Franalations Shows Off His Sneaker Collection

The occupation of “internet sneakerhead superstar” is a title held by a very few, but we can confirm that Franalations is one of the select few that has gained some incredible notoriety simply for wearing and collecting kicks and displaying it to his ever-growing YouTube following. While Franalations has posted several videos of his own sneaker stash below, this latest video update shows off his entire collection, which is heavy on Nike SB and features some sick gems like Air Yeezy 2s, Nike Mags, Bespokes, and much more. Get a first-hand look at his collection below with a commentary on some of the highlights (he’s not going to show you every single pair) and let us know what impresses you the most!

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Franalations’ Top 25 Sneakers of All Time

November 2nd, 2011 by | 32 comments

ps franalation 570x367 Franalations Top 25 Sneakers of All Time

There aren’t too terribly many sneakerheads who’ve become so established in the community that they’re known by a nickname.  Mayor comes to mind as one of the great Air Force 1 historians, so when another dedicated collector gets a nod from the list publishers over at Complex, you know dude’s behind a sneaker closet few can rival.  Fran ‘Franalations’ Marchello‘s Top 25 Sneakers of All Time reads like a ’90s baby list, nearly all the entries having released in the past decade with the few notable exceptions Air Jordan Retros plus the Nike Air Mag he showed off not too long ago.  There are several collaborations involved and quite a few Nike SB Dunks, so click through to get a sampling of what’s in store, then head over to Complex for the list in its entirety. 

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Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Fran Marchello – Part 2

July 28th, 2011 by | 19 comments

nike air force 1 bespoke franalations 4 570x334 Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Fran Marchello   Part 2

There are plenty of celebrity sneakerheads these days but considerably fewer who have become famous simply for rocking heat.  A young man many call ‘Franalations’ is one of the latter group, a guy whose stash is quite deep and yet he decided to add more (Pre-) Heat in the form of a new Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke.  These are only vaguely similar to Marchello’s ‘Pokemon’ Bespokes from last spring, the teal color on that pair’s laces making up the majority of a suede base that meets with black croc, a pink sockliner and golden brown suede to match the gum rubber outsole.  The result could be seen as something like a ‘well done’ South Beach colorway (if we give him credit for learning the proper temperature to cook them after the LeBron 8 burning), or perhaps a mix of that palette LeBron made famous crossed with 2008′s ‘Mr. Todd Bratrud’ Dunk High SB.  But actually, this is where the vague similarity to the previous Pokemon joints comes in, this colorway inspired by the character Squirtle as indicated by the ‘SQUIRT’ dubraes.  Click through to see these and more details, let us know what you think and schedule your appointment with 21 Mercer to create your own deluxe 1 of 1!

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Nike LeBron 8 ‘South Beach’ – Burned!

July 25th, 2011 by | 125 comments

nike lebron 8 south beach burned Nike LeBron 8 South Beach   Burned!

Here on Sneaker News, our readers discussed the Nike LeBron 8 ‘South Beach’ to tedium, with the drawn line separating two major groups – the true sneaker fans, and the hypebeasts. The latter category is one that nobody admits to being a part of, but face it – we’ve all fallen victim to hype at one point or another. The South Beach LeBron 8 is one sneaker that always stirs up the ‘hypebeast’ debate, because at the time of its release, LeBron James was, arguably, the most hated man in sports, and the major reason many people were buying a LeBron shoe was due to it being limited in nature. Without surprise, the ‘hype’ surrounding the LeBron quickstrike release built, and the sneaker now fetches $1,000 with ease in the resale market.

Whether or not this display of sneaker sacrilege is a valiant attempt to prove a point or a pathetic attempt at sports performance is a judgement we’ll leave up to you. Elias of FeedingTheStreets and notable sneakerhead Franalations recently got together for a quick game of hoops, putting their own sneakers on the line. The losing player would burn their shoes, and it’s clear that Franalations and his Space Jam Dunks had a lot less on the line than Elias did, who put up his LeBron 8 ‘South Beach’ to the test. In the end, Elias lost a shortened game of HORSE, which resulted in his LeBron 8 South Beach experiencing Heat in many more ways than one. Check out the video below (wait ’til the very end) and let us know your opinion on the Burned South Beaches and the fact that someone actually did this!

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