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October 10, 2013 BY / 35

Within the sneaker collecting world, there is a stark dichotomy between new school and the old school. As with any subculture, there is always the tendency for its veterans to scoff at the idea of a younger generation coming along and latching on to their thing. But despite the instinctive reflex to want to protect your personal passions from the outside world, the simple fact is that it’s the younger generation that has always driven the culture and dominated the marketplace. Jaded OGs can gripe all they want about the lost purity of their true love, but they’re not the ones camping outside of stores for days on end to get the shoes they want, so who really loves it more?

The Nike SB Dunk craze of the mid 2000s is a big reason why the collectible sneaker game has exploded into the mainstream juggernaut that it’s become today. With it came a brand new audience and eager consumer base ready to hit the ground running and start snatching up all coveted drops they could get their hands on. For many of these younger collectors first immersing themselves in the wonderful world of sneakers, Dunks were like a gateway drug that eventually pulled them deeper into the life as they branched out to explore all different categories and brands.

Between his long-running YouTube video series and ownership of one of the best SB Dunk arsenals on earth, California collector Franalations has carved out a place for himself as a well-known figure in sneaker circles. Fran is a prime example of the aforementioned Dunk kids who saw something they liked and went hard out the gate. Don’t be mad because he has more shoes than you or that he gets flown around to make appearances at sneaker events or that Nike sends him special packages. Chances are that he’s worked a lot harder than you have to put himself in that position.

Get it straight – regardless of even the financial aspect, it takes a lot of time, dedication and legwork to amass such an impressive sneaker collection and you can’t name too many video reviewers that have been at it longer. Franalations has paid dues to get where he is and it’s tough to knock his hustle. We recently had a chance to check out his jaw-dropping collection in person, so continue on for a detailed look inside his sprawling sneaker rooms (which include much more than just SBs), and as well as a list of his personal top 5s from a variety of different categories.

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