Packer Shoes x Reebok Kamikaze II: Reign on the Alamo

July 25, 2013 BY / 32

Dating back to their first team-up with Reebok, Packer Shoes has made a habit of telling poignant sports stories through their collaborative releases. It started with a trio of Pumps inspired by Dominique Wilkins and his legendary Slam Dunk Contest heroics. Next up was the “Practice” Questions, immortalizing one of the most infamous moments in Allen Iverson history. Their latest project honors another human highlight film, Shawn Kemp, and one of his most memorable All-Star Game appearances.

Underlying them all is a cohesive “what if?” concept, which poses the question: if brands were making special PEs for their guys back then the way they do nowadays, what would they have looked like? The NBA All-Star Game eventually became the place to showcase special player editions and turn heads on a huge national stage, but at the time these guys were playing, things hadn’t progressed to that point quite yet.

Packer Shoes has re-imagined what some of these hypothetical PEs could have been, with the latest being the Reebok Kamikaze II, originally worn in a navy/white colorway by the Reign Man in the 1996 NBA All-Star Game in San Antonio. Packer’s version takes its cues from that year’s vibrant uniforms which featured the classic chili pepper graphic inspired by the host city’s famed local export.

Using elements of the 1996 All-Star color scheme combined with a clean gradient grey upper and topped of with the chili pepper Reebok Vector logo, Packer Shoes has once again managed to capture a sports moment in time. This interpretation gives the shoe a unique identity unlike anything that’s been done on the model before, but somehow, it still maintains a look that is not too far fetched to imagine as an actual mid-90s All-Star PE.

To amp things up a bit further, Packer joined forces with Mitchell & Ness to round out the release with a collection of ’96 NBA All-Star apparel. In addition to a Shawn Kemp Hardwood Classics jersey, the capsule also features a chili pepper snapback and a Kemp caricature shirt where he’s actually wearing the All-Star uniform and even the Packer Shoes Kamikaze.

All these goodies will be hitting their store next week, but before you start gearing up for the release, get better acquainted with the collection with an extensive gallery of images and an interview with store owner, Mike Packer, who gives us the full scoop on the “Remember the Alamo” Kamikaze II, as well as his take on what collaborative projects like this mean to the store and the ever evolving sneaker market.

32 thoughts on “Packer Shoes x Reebok Kamikaze II: Reign on the Alamo

  1. these are goin to be hard to get… i already have that feeling and if i want any shoe this year its this one… got work friday morning too.. smh..

  2. Reebok thinks because Nike charges a $160 for their shoes and successfully make $160 of them that it’s ok for Reebok to charge $160 also! They’re so stupid Reebok is nowhere near a Nike in terms of anything including looks, technology and quality!

    • Old Head 1 i agree to some degree execept the quality obviously shoes like the ext pack are amazing but kamikaze 2 retro is one of the few shoes iv seen latley thats sticks to g material

    • Old Head 1 the material for this particular shoe looks way better then what a lot of JB drops look like/have.. i honestly respect your opinion and i hope more people think the same way dont get it..

    • U have remember it’s a pack as well so you get the jersey and idk if its a fitted or snapback but that cones with the shoe as well so its not just 160 for the shoes

    • Old Head 1 So, I guess when it comes to plastic, rubber, glue, leather, nu-buck, mesh, etc… all the typical materials that make up a sneaker Nike must have found a way to change them at the molecular level to make them better. If you really are an old head then you will remember how back in 97 the DMX 10 killed the Air Max with its moving air technology and despite the fact as compared to current models it is not the lightest sneaker but it is still till this day one of the most comfortable techs you can put on your feet.

      • i agree with you there. i was the only one in my high school to have those when they first came out.  i looked constantly on ebay for the past 16yrs for the dmx 10, of course no luck. then one day i hear reebok is retroing them. what a miracle. i actually have on the purple and black og pair on right now at work. this are awesome.  with the shit nike is pulling lately with prices and not being able to get a damn release cause there limited im slowly losing interest in them. game aint what it use to be

    • Old Head 1 You must have been living under a rock for the last 5 years “Old head” Nike quality is shit thats a fact. it’s so bad now that if you want quality shoes that are not BIN class,  You basically have to buy pre-2005 with few exceptions. What Nike charges is for the hype otherwise what you have is a minimal quality pair of kicks. The other brands stay competitive  because they build better shoes for similar price without the hype. And sidebar…since when did shit get so bad for grown men to belly ache about $160 for kicks anyway? smdh

  3. Would have bought these if they were 110 or 120. But I won’t pay as much for Reeboks as Jordans. It just won’t happen. But some people will, good for them.

  4. Everyone complaining about the price can’t read, it’s for the shoes, jersey and snapback/hat. $160 for all that is a steal…

    • Nowhere in there does it say everything is for $160.. The jersey is $300 alone. Read the article again and the prices list is out also been out for like a week.

      • Well gee thanks…. Still doesn’t give people an excuse to complain when they buy Js and Mike’Nike’s for $160+ when the quality is horrible and the shoes end up dropping 4 years later again with the same quality….

        • JFresh_136 Im on the same team as you. What I think about Nike/JB is a whole different story lol. I honestly dont mind people complaining. Less people buying better chance for me to cop what I want out this pack. Im praying these wont get super hyped like everything else this site. Its bad enough we have to compete with resellers… That is the real problem behind most of this…

        • I still have to try man… If sneakernews would stop overhyping EVERY shoe release..  Mainly the super extra limited releases.. Thats why its limited.. Because only a few people that wanted to know about it know about it..

    • ImDatNickuh i feel u… their official page made it seem like maybe you could buy everything on its own with the individual price listing

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