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Here on Sneaker News SELECT, we’ll be giving you a look at some of the best sneaker collections on earth, and that doesn’t always mean rare samples and PEs. There are so many facets and sub-genres of the vast sneaker horizon to explore, and we’re planning to unearth them all. In recent years, the general “sneakerhead” mindset has made great strides towards a broader acceptance of different brands, but there are some collectors out there who have never waivered from their hunger for diversity.

Not long before a few brands pulled away from the pack and claimed dominance of most of the market, there was once a glorious time in sneakers when there more viable footwear players than you can count, and there was an almost unthinkable parity between them. Sure, there were some making more noise than others, but the overall sense of competition for consumer dollars pushed all of these companies to the limits of creativity and innovation to try to separate themselves from the pack. That intense rivalry resulted in some of the greatest models,

technologies and fun gimmicks ever seen in footwear, but only a small percentage of these shoes have lived on to enjoy retro revivals, and some of those once formidable brands are either extinct or have moved into smaller niche categories of the industry.

For veteran sneaker aficionado, Khalli Vegas, variety never stopped being the spice of life. Now a college professor in Atlanta, Khalli has been hunting for fresh kicks since the early 80s, all the while showing love to a multitude of brands, styles and genres. To say that he’s sitting on some OG gems would be putting it very lightly, and unlike many vintage collectors, Khalli Vegas bought them the first time around and has been wearing them ever since.

The gallery ahead shows off just a portion of Khalli’s vintage treasure trove, but it’s more than enough to school you on some sneaker history and remind us of a time when it was more about buying a pair of shoes simply because they were fresh than bowing to the brand name stitched into the tongue.

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