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SELECT Exclusive: The Red Air Yeezy 2

November 14, 2013by Aaron Kr.
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The month of October has come and gone, and unfortunately things didn’t get anywhere near as “Red” as many were hoping. Since the “Red October” nickname first surfaced, the safe assumption seemed to be that the mysterious and long-awaited red Air Yeezy 2s would finally see a release or at least make some sort of appearance during the month of October. But as we’ve learned with all things Yeezy, there are no safe assumptions and we all remain stuck in a perpetual wait-and-see state until official information is revealed by Nike or Kanye West – an occurrence that has proven to be few and far between to say the least.

But isn’t it that air of enigmatic mystique and elusiveness that has people so interested in the first place? There have been plenty of rumors floating around at any given moment ever since we first learned of the possible existence of a third Air Yeezy 2 colorway, but there have been few actual concrete moments along the way to offer any kind of substantial insight into Nike’s eventual endgame plans. Continue on as we bring you an exclusive first detailed look at the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” in all their glory along with a recap of the timeline of events that have led us up to present day and the arrivals of the first seeded pairs.

A huge thanks to S. Sami for sharing with us and all of you!