“Never Too Far Down” By Nike Inspires A Global Comeback

“Never Too Far Down” By Nike Inspires A Global Comeback

We’ve relied on Nike on countless occasions to literally go that extra mile. For decades, the brand’s calling card has been the power of motivation, but rather than eke out a final rep, the task at hand is far greater than anything we’ve ever seen. Prior to the Memorial Day holiday, Nike has released their latest spot “Never Too Far Down”, which reminds us that even in times of sure defeat, we the people can come back from anything and triumph over what’s been holding us down. Obviously what they’re pointing to isn’t a score deficit, but a global pandemic that has since had severe ramifications on our economy, well-being, freedom, and even sports.

Throughout the quarantine, Nike has pledged funds to aid organizations, created PPE masks out of materials they typically use for sneakers, initiated the Play Inside movement, which encouraged activity insider our homes, and offered a wade range of digital resources for exercise.

See the full video ahead to see Nike’s biggest sports stars and narration by LeBron James.

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