Air Jordan 1 Flyease

Air Jordan 1 Flyease

The Air Jordan 1 FlyEase Returns In An Iconic “Black Cement” Makeover

FlyEase technology is still not widespread enough to make accessible footwear more readily available, but a newly-surfaced Air Jordan 1 is helping change that. Over...

By Jovani Hernandez December 16, 2023

The Air Jordan 1 Flyease Shares A Familiar “Yellow Ochre” Accent

One of the first Air Jordan 1 releases in the new year will achieve a striking “Yellow Ochre” palette. While the Retro High OG tooling...

By Jared Ebanks December 15, 2023

The Air Jordan 1 Flyease Adopts The “Court Purple/Tropical Twist”

Jordan Brand has occasionally transferred popular colorways from the Air Jordan 1 Mid to its easy-entry counterpart in the Nike Flyease family. This holiday, we’ll...

By Sneaker News October 16, 2023

This Air Jordan 1 FlyEase Brings Accessibility And Chicago Bulls Colors Together

The Air Jordan 1 FlyEase debuted in 2019, bringing improved accessibility to the most successful signature athlete line of all-time. As the end of 2023...

By Jovani Hernandez October 4, 2023

The Air Jordan 1 FlyEase Replicates The Iconic “Bred” Colorway

Now that the hype has died down, the Nike Go FlyEase is finally going out to many of the people who need them. The Air...

By Michael Le November 9, 2022

The Air Jordan 1 Flyease Enjoys A Seldom Coat Of Violet

Heralded for its inclusive design, the Air Jordan 1 Flyease continues to provide a seldom number of propositions for those in the market for accessible...

By Jared Ebanks November 7, 2022

The Air Jordan 1 FlyEase Dons Lakers Colors

The Air Jordan 1 FlyEase hasn’t become a mainstay within the brand’s lineup of products, but accessible footwear is sure to become a priority over...

By Jovani Hernandez November 4, 2022

Heritage Colors Dress The Latest Air Jordan 1 FlyEase

The Air Jordan 1 FlyEase may not be on everyone’s radar, but it continues to deliver compelling styles for those in the market for accessibility-focused...

By Jovani Hernandez October 25, 2022

The Air Jordan 1 Low FlyEase Surfaces First In A “Bio Hack” Colorway

In recent years, the Swoosh has taken a more thoughtful approach to accessibility, often serving everyone from the pro athlete to the physically disabled. And...

By Michael Le February 17, 2022