Gourmet Sedici

Gourmet Sedici

Gourmet “Camouflage” Pack – Fall/Winter 2012

Gourmet’s leopard print ‘Hotpack’ proved the brand’s all-over prints can stand with the best of them, but then again, we already knew that.  It was...

By Aaron Hope June 30, 2012

Gourmet Spring 2012 Footwear

Gourmet is arguably the most successful of the lifestyle sneaker lines launched after the turn of the century, and their lineup continues to grow and...

By Aaron Hope January 4, 2012

Gourmet Sedici C – Camo

Last we saw of the Gourmet Sedici chukka, it’d been paired with Horween leather as part of the ‘Market Price’ collection of premium releases.  The next colorway...

By Aaron Hope December 11, 2011

Horween x Gourmet Market Price Pack – Available

Just like most of the sneakers we buy these days, most of the materials from which they’re constructed come from foreign lands.  Not so with...

By Aaron Hope November 6, 2011