Nike Air Diamond Fury

Nike Air Diamond Fury

Even The Nike Air Diamond Fury Is Getting the Neon Look

Ken Griffey Jr’s Nike Air Diamond Fury finally came back in the original Seattle Mariners inspired colorway that immediately brought on a wave of backwards ball caps...

By Patrick Johnson July 23, 2015

Ken Griffey’s Original Nike Air Diamond Fury Colorway Is Back

It’s a shoe that Ken Griffey Jr. fans and Nike Training fans have been waiting far too long for, but now it’s finally here. Nevermind...

By Zack Schlemmer May 12, 2015

Nike Retros the Air Diamond Fury, But Gets the Year it Released Wrong

It’s been a long time coming, but Nike training fans finally get a retro of the Air Diamond Fury, a sneaker they’ve been waiting for...

By Zack Schlemmer April 6, 2015