Nike ISPA Universal

Nike ISPA Universal

The Nike ISPA Universal “Natural And Earth” Comes Coated Exclusively In Brown

The latest iteration from the experimental ISPA design house was released this past Spring in an effort to democratize design through accessibility. Exploring a modular...

By Jared Ebanks October 6, 2023

The Nike ISPA Universal Dresses Up In A Dark Blue Colorway

Nike ISPA is responsible for devising the most unique propositions to ever come out of the Swoosh. So it’s no surprise that the sub-label has...

By Michael Le July 22, 2023

The Foam Molded Nike ISPA Universal Appears In Buttery Yellow

Don’t be fooled — there’s a lot of engineering behind this $80 shoe. When it comes to creating unconventional design, Nike ISPA footwear never needed...

By Sneaker News June 26, 2023

The Nike ISPA Universal Returns In All-Grey

The Nike ISPA Universal hasn’t cracked into the mainstream zeitgeist just yet, but it has all the potential to do so. Recently, the slip-on design...

By Jovani Hernandez March 20, 2023

The Nike ISPA Universal Is Akin To Freshly-Discovered Fossils

Nike ISPA is known to borrow inspiration from the most atypical of places, every release more unexpected than the last. And while their newest silhouette,...

By Michael Le January 18, 2023