Nike N7

Nike N7

Nike’s Latest N7 Collection Launches With The Air Force 1 & Air Max 1

First launched in 2009, Nike’s N7 program has aimed to commemorate the First Nations experience through two main channels; the N7 fund, directly giving back...

By Matt Varga June 21, 2024

The Nike Air Force 1 Low N7 Releases In June

The 2024 Nike N7 collection is starting to take shape. We saw official images of an N7 Air Max 1 just the other day, and...

By Andrew Rizzo June 10, 2024

The 2024 Nike N7 Collection Features The Air Max 1

The annual Nike N7 collection is soon to be revealed, highlighting athletes of Indigenous backgrounds who are demonstrating positive change within the community. Through its...

By Sneaker News June 8, 2024

The Nike Cosmic Unity Joins The Brand’s N7 Initiative

Since 2009, Nike has shone a spotlight on the country’s Native American communities through grants, scholarships, donations and intimate storytelling through products. For its latest...

By Jared Ebanks October 27, 2023

The Nike SB Dunk Low Decon N7 Will Release Only Via SNKRS And Heard Museum

Nike N7 has been going on strong ever since 2009, awarding over $8 million in grants to more than 270 different communities and organizations. But...

By Michael Le June 12, 2023

Red Accents Helm The Alternate Nike SB Dunk Low Decon N7

Nike N7 is so much more than a collection of product. Established in 2009, the initiative gives back to Native American and Indigenous communities, all...

By Michael Le February 8, 2023

2023’s Nike SB Dunk Low Decon N7 Features Flora And Fauna

Since its start in 2009, the Nike N7 collection and the associated N7 Fund has raised more than $8 million in grants administered by the...

By Sneaker News February 6, 2023

Nike’s N7 Free Crater Trail Receives A Boot Update

Since 2009 Nike has paid a yearly tribute to the culture and traditions of both Native American and Indigenous communities through their N7 collection. While...

By Jared Ebanks January 5, 2023

Nike’s Efforts Toward A More Inclusive World Begin With Be True, N7 And Puerto Rican Pride Collections

To celebrate Pride Month 2022, Nike is launching its Be True collection on June 13th. Although the capsule’s main products are pairs of the Nike...

By Jovani Hernandez June 2, 2022