Puma MY-71

Puma MY-71

Puma MY-71

Mihara Yasuhiro continues to re-work Puma’s classic lines, his latest creation being the line laden Puma MY-71. The shoes manage to obscure the company’s signature...

By Brendan Dunne September 9, 2013

Mihara Yasuhiro x Puma MY-71 – Black

Mihara Yasuhiro’s latest Puma collaboration has been on the horizon for so long, we’d began to wonder if they were actually going to release.  These...

By Aaron Hope August 31, 2013

Mihara Yasuhiro x Puma MY-71

Mihara Yasuhiro has introduced some of the most unique Puma collaborations over the past five years.  His latest work combines a classic running silhouette with...

By Aaron Hope February 24, 2013